[REQUEST] Kissing the Mirror x LA KIA – セレネの呼ぶ声


【Requested by B016

I had trouble with the small fonts on the scans I had for this, but luckily Violet is here to save the world again!
This song’s lyrics are pretty unique, in terms of structure: each stanza is pretty long compared to your ordinary japanese song.
And I must say that the lyrics themselves are not bad at all, really!
The arrange is pretty good too, but nothing exceptionally remarkable. I’m not really a big fan of Septette for the Dead Princess, I actually think of it as the most overrated Touhou theme ever composed by ZUN.
Can’t really see how such an unrefined theme (which, by the way, is inspired by Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique 3rd movement…) can overshadow way more complex and, in terms of music, better-composed themes.
But anyway. It’s not like I despise its arranges (starting from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody‘s version of this theme, that is absolutely outstanding) or the song itself.

Kissing the Mirror x LA KIA – セレネの呼ぶ声

揺れる小さな灯火 照らす幾多の星も さぁこの手に眠れ
温もりに餓え彷徨う者よ この身に宿れ 奥へと

yureru chiisana tomoshibi terasu ikuta no hoshi mo saa kono te ni nemure
nukumori ni uesamayou mono yo kono mi ni yadore oku e to

Swaying little lampligths, vast number of star! You too, come forth and sleep in my hand!
Oh people, starving and lurking for a warmth, it dwells in the depths of this body of mine

鐘の音が終わるまで この静寂でさえも ただ余興に過ぎない
始まりを迎えたその時に 必然も生まれている

kane no oto ga owaru made kono shijima de sae mo tada yokyou ni suginai
hajimari o mukaeta sono toki ni hitsuzen mo umareteru

Until the sound of the bells will come to an end, even this silence won’t be an entertainment;
In the time the beginning will be welcomed, necessities are born with it too

希望や夢は綺麗事だと 遠ざけていたのは誰の言葉でしょうか?

kibou ya yume wa kireigoto da to toozaketeita no wa dare no kotoba deshou ka?

Who said the words vanished into the distance saying “dreams and hope are something beautiful”?

痛みなど無い苦しみならば 教えてあげる 靴の音の鳴る方へ 「お行きなさい」
そして知るでしょう 螺旋の意味を 消えた声の持ち主は誰?

itami nado nai kurushimi naraba oshiete ageru kutsu no ne no naru hou e “oikinasai”
soshite shiru deshou rasen no imi o kieta koe no mochinushi wa dare?

If there’s a suffering without pain, please tell me; “Go away”, I can hear from when the sound of the shoe comes from
And then, I should have know it; Who’s the holder of that vanished voice holding a distorted meaning?

木の葉たちの喝采も 注ぎ込む囁きも 皆、我を讃える
愚かしき行く手を阻む者 不快よ、消えなさい

konohatachi no kassai mo sosogikomu sasayaki mo minna, ware o tataeru
orokashiki yuku te o habamu mono fukai yo, kienasai

Even the cheers of the leaves and even the overlapping whisperings, they’re all praising me;
Disappear, oh unpleasant human who’s trying to stop me from walking my foolish path!

理想の像なら ここにあるでしょう 進みなさい、その胸が正義と云うのならば

risou no zou nara koko ni aru deshou susuminasai, sono mune ga seigi to iu no naraba

An ideal portrait should be just there; Proceed, if your heart holds what’s called “justice”

絶望でさえ縋りたいくらい 魂の道なき者たち 集えよ 「名のもとに」
そして知るでしょう 本当の価値を 噎び泣くその声はどこへ?

zetsubou de sae sugaritai kurai tamashii no michi naki monotachi tsudoeyo “na no moto ni”
soshite shiru deshou hontou no kachi o musebinaku sono koe wa doko e?

Even in despair, join together! Oh, those who have no road for their soul to cling to! “In your name, my mistress!”
And then, I should know its true value; Where is that sobbing voice going to?

あなたがもし望むなら 聞いてもいい ふたつ自由に選ぶこと

anata ga moshi nozomu nara kiite mo ii futatsu jiyuu ni erabu koto

And if you’re willing to wish for something, it’s okay to ask: There are two freedoms to choose from


hanabira mau
hoshi furu yoru

The petals are dancing
A night with falling stars


– The transcription I’ve made is based on the booklet. The last two stanzas works differently. They’re not actually the last two stanzas, but are the chorus featuring in the song:
> あなたがもし望むなら 聞いてもいい ふたつ自由に選ぶこと (second to last stanza) is the backing track chorus repeated more than one time in this song.
>花びら舞う (hanabira mau) is repeated two times inside this song, each time the first refrain ends.
>星降る夜 (hoshi furu yoru) appears one time, on the last refrain.
– On the second stanza, “生まれている” is wrote as “umarete-I-ru”, but the singer says “umareteru”, withouth the “i”. That’s not an error, since they can be both used in japanese. Still, in the lyrics the “i” appears, while it doesn’t on the song. That’s why I didn’t keep the “i” in the romaji.
– I added “my mistress” in the last stanza because, while it doesn’t appear, it’s obviously what the song’s refering to. Without it, it would have been difficult to understand.


Title: セレネの呼ぶ声 (serene no yobukoe) // Selene’s calling voice
Circle: Kissing the Mirror // LA KIA
Album: Labyrinth of Selene
Vocals: AKIRA
Lyrics: —
Arrangement: Woomin | AKIRA
Release Event: C87
Source: 亡き王女の為のセプテット (Septette for the Dead Princess) Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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