DAOKO – Girl (Side B – ゆめみてたのあたし) part 2/2

(picture by sup)

As promised, here’s part 2 of Girl by DAOKO.
This segment is kind of sadder and a lot calmer than the previous one.
In terms of animation, it’s amazing.
I don’t really know how to follow its plot, giving that, at the very end, the characters from the previous animation Me!Me!Me! are shown again.
The part that I liked the most is the one at 5:01, where a man literally scratches away his body trying to find his own heart, and ends up finding only a heart-shaped hole and crumbling away.
I don’t exactly know the meaning of the whole video, but this part was really something.
It may be a whole metaphore for love viewed on its two sides.
The first side, explained in the first segment, is the research for love.
We want love not because we need it, but because we feel lonely to the point that we can’t see other solutions other than the cure of being loved by someone.
The other face of it, is the obsession, aka the love turned dark.
And that’s why, in my opinion, the very last part of the video is kind of creepy, with the main character gazing up the sky with mad eyes as the center of the city is filled up with people with flowers instead of their head and a giant pulsating heart.
I don’t know if that’s its meaning, but it looks like it, to me.
Even the poor cat turns into a useless doll when the attention of the main character is focused on love!
And even that scene I liked a lot makes sense, if that’s the meaning of the whole video.
I have no idea. I like it a lot, though.
[2017 edit: this and side A are the most viewed articles I’ve ever posted on fgnoises]

DAOKO – GIRL -Side B- ゆめみてたのあたし


yume miteta no atashi

I found out that I was dreaming

唯一 絶対的な存在

ten to chi choudo mannaka
fuyuusuru yuru ga nai atashi
daremo ga urayamunda
yuuhitsu zettaiteki na sonzai

In between the middle of Heaven and Earth
I’m floating without swaying
Everyone envied what I was,
A singular, unique entity

はじめまして ありふれていて
当たり前でないふれあいを 知りたいの 求めているから
対等の 価値ある何かを ありったけ あたしにだけ
運命 奇跡 導きがあって あたしに会えたあなたは幸せ

konnichi wa
konban wa
hajimemashite arifureteite
atari mae de nai fureai o shiritai no motometeiru kara
taitou no kachi aru nanka o arittake atashi ni dake
unmei kiseki michibiki ga atte atashi ni aeta anata wa shiawase

Good evening
Good morning
Nice to meet you, a common place
Of course I want to know you, to get in contact, that’s what I’m seeking
If you have something that has an equal value, than that’s just mine
A miracle, a fate, a guidance are there; you, who got to met me, are happy


tarinai mono shika nai
tarinai mono shika mienai
atashi igai no subete
kirameite mieru no nande?

There’s nothing but things that aren’t enough
I can’t see nothing but what’s not enough
Everything except for myself
Seems to sparkle, but just why is that?

楽しいな 楽しいよね
嬉しいな 嬉しいよね
あなたもそうならみんな同じ 話しましょう
ワクワクするね ドキドキするね
今が一番 幸せ
みんな と出会えて良かった
あたし ひとりじゃないんだ

tanoshii na tanoshii yo ne
ureshii na ureshii yo ne
anata mo sounara minna onaji hanashimashou
nani kara hanasou
wakuwaku suru ne dokidoki suru ne
ima ga ichiban shiawase
minna to deaete yokatta
atashi hitori ja nainda

Is it fun, right? Sure it is!
Am I happy, right! Of course I am!
If that’s the same for you, than let’s talk like everyone else
What should we talk about?
It’s exciting, right? It’s thrilling, right?
I’ve never been so happy as I’m now
I’m glad I got to meet everyone
Because I’m not alone

あたしもみんなと同じ きらめいてみえるはず

mitasareta ganbou
kore ga motometeta kimochi
atashi mo minna to onaji kirameite mieru hazu

The desire that has been fullfilled
That’s the sensation of completeness
I should now sparkle like everyone else is doing


kanatta hazu no yume da
kore ga motometeta ibasho?
mada atashi igai ga subete
kirameite mieru no
kanatta hazu no yume da

The dream that should have come true
Is that the place I’m seeking for?
Again, everyone except me
Seems to be sparkling
It should have been a fullfilled dream…


tarinai mono shika nai
tarinai mono shika mienai
atashi igai no subete
kirameite mieru riyuu

There’s nothing but things that aren’t enough
I can’t see anything but things that aren’t enough
Everything, except for myself
Has a reason to sparkle


suki, suki, suki, daisuki.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I really do


nai mono nedari na atashi
itsu kara kowarete itandaro
yume miteta no atashi
yume demo mirete ureshikatta

Me, who asked for the moon itself,
I wonder for how long have I been broken?
The me who was dreaming
Was glad to see it all, even if it was a dream.


– Second-to-Last stanza: “suki” (to like, to love) is wrote in hiragana, katakana and kanji, each one of this for one time. Reason? I have no idea!
– Last stanza: ないものねだり (nai mono nedari) means “to ask for what’s impossible”, commonly used in english as “asking for the moon”. I used the second one because it was more fitting, giving that the Moon appears also in the first half of this song.
– Read part 1 here: DAOKO – Girl (Side A – さみしいかみさま)


Title: Girl (ゆめみてたのあたし)
Album: 「さみしいかみさま / ShibuyaK」
Vocals: DAOKO
Lyrics: DAOKO
Arrangement: 小島英也 (ORESAMA)
Release Date: 10/21/2015
Source: 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 (Nihon anime(taa) mihon’ichi) (Japan Animator Expo)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

11 thoughts on “DAOKO – Girl (Side B – ゆめみてたのあたし) part 2/2”

  1. Thank you for nice translation.
    I’m a Japanese big fan of “ME!ME!ME!” and “Girl”.
    I’ve been watching many translations of “Girl” by many translators, and I think yours is the best!
    But please allow me to point out one phrase you translated. The beginning phrase “yume miteta no atashi” is, I think, to be translated as “I noticed/found that I was dreaming” or something alike. In this phrase, “no” is a kind of sentence-ending particle (like “yo” or “ne”), slightly meaning awareness or confession. I can’t give a perfect grammatical explanation though. But at least, I could say this “no” doesn’t modify “atashi”. If you translated understanding it, I apologize.
    I really like your translation and would like you to make better one. And I hope that many more people understand this fantastic animation more deeply.
    Wishing you the best!

    Oh, I have to say one more. I didn’t know “naimononedari” is expressed by “to ask for the moon” in English. I found it really interesting a lot.

    1. Thanks a lot for your words and advice!
      I changed the first stanza into what you suggested because it sounds way better!
      And no, I didn’t know this had that meaning, I simply thought it was the usual “no” which was linked to “atashi”, but now that I understood what you said it makes a lot more sense, I must say.
      “ask for the moon” is a english sentence which shares the meaning of nai mono nedari, that’s why I choose that!
      Thanks again, I really apreciated this comment! 😀

  2. Thank you for the English lyrics. I will translate English to Turkish and I’ll share it on youtube. But don’t worry. I’ll put this website’s link. I hope that, that’s not a problem for you. If it’s a problem please say 🙂

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