[REQUEST] Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して


【Requested by Helly

I really love Flawless Clothing of the Celestials, it’s one heck of an epic theme.
Sadly, at least to me, this song can’t convey half of the half of the half of the half of the half of its epicness.
[2017 edit: lol what an asshole]

Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して

詠い踊る 思い出に
彩なす花 さ揺らぎ

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
ayanasu hana sa yuragi
hito-kata mai ochiru

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
In my memories singing and dancing
A colorful flower is swinging
Making a petal dance as it falls down

明かり瞬きて 滲み掠れてく
募る緋色の思い 遠く 遥か 彼方
胸を刺す残光は 宵闇に融け
永久の孤独の中で 望む 心 閉じて

akari mabatakite nijimi kasureteku
tsunoru hiiro no omoi tooku haruka kanata
mune o sasu zankou wa yoiyami ni toke
towa no kodoku no naka de nozomu kokoro tojite

A flickering light faintly oozes in
My memories painted in scarlet, distant, far away, your direction
The afterglow which pierced my heart is melting in the dusk
In the midst of the unchanging loneliness, I seal away my wishing heart


shinku no sora o miage
tatanawaru kokoro wakatsu
usu-beni’iro no hoho ni
hito-shizuku tsutau

Gazing the deep crimson sky
My firm heart falls to pieces
In my pale red cheeks
A single tear is dripping

詠い踊る 思い出に

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
yuukyuu o motomete
toutou to nagaru

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
My memories are singing and dancing
Longing for the eternity
Flowing without an end

響く静寂の果て 枯れた緋き夢
渇く心の中で 霞む ひとみ 閉じて

hibiku seijaku no hate kareta akaki yume
kawaku kokoro no naka de kasumu hitomi tojite

To the end of this echoing weakness lies a red withered dream
Inside my dried heart, I close my hazy eyes


kageboushi o mitsume
chi ni fushita kokoro ni fureru
toki’iro no kioku o
hitokakera awasu

I gaze into a silhouette
Touched by its heart down on the earth
This pink-shaded memory I had
Seem to be the missing piece

詠い踊る 思い出に

amatsu kaze ni yurarete
utai odoru omoide ni
mune ni daku mumyou o
asagi ni some yuku

Swayed around by a heavenly wind
In my memories singing and dancing
The Avidya I’m holding firmly
Is growing radiant in a light yellow

詠え 地を揺らして

haruka ten o aogi
utae chi o yurashite
yuku saki ni yakusoku o
yume ni omoitsudzuke

Gaze the far away heaven
And sing, make the earth shake!
Before I go, make a promise to me:
Keep remembering me in your dreams


– I’ve listened to it several times, but I can’t clearly understand how the singer reads 一片 in the first stanza. It’s usually read as “ippen”, but she clearly doesn’t say that. She surely pronounces 一 as “hito” (which is ok), but I can’t understand how she reads “片”, whose only readings I know are compounds such as -hen or -ra and “kata” being its kun’yomi, but I keep hearing something such as “hiraga”… don’t know. Don’t trust my trascription for this word, it’s 100% wrong.
– I had to use several other words instead of their true meaning (such as “tear” for “shizuku”) because the translation I’ve made with the other words kinda sucked.
– lots of sentences are, thus, not the real translation, but more the “translation of what it means”. Because, seriously, some parts where I kept the original terms seemed so stupid I didn’t want them to feature in the translation. I tried my best.
– 無明 (mumyou). “Avidya”. Is that a flower? A tree? I seriously have no idea. (It could imply the idea of “ignorance”, from the sanskrit term avidyā, which implies the real buddhist embodiment of ignorance. In this song, it’s refered to like a flower, sort of).


Title: その影法師、幼さを残して (That silhouette left my childishness behind)
Circle: Minstrel
Album: 夜伽話の神隠し (A Spiriting Away in the Night’s Fairy Tales)
Vocals: LIQU@。
Lyrics: yuta
Arrangement: yuta
Release Event: C80
Source: 天衣無縫 (Flawless Clothing of the Celestials) – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Final pre-battle Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “[REQUEST] Minstrel – その影法師、幼さを残して”

  1. Minstrel surprises me again with its lyrics!
    Hahaha, can’t help but to think that I should be more careful with what I choose :p
    And as always, thanks a lot for your hard work~

  2. So, according to a way too small research (don’t quote me on this), “Avidya” is a buddhist term (or a sanskrit word) that means “ignorance”. So I guess that is a metaphorical flower in the context of the lyrics.
    (again, not sure if accurate)
    Thought it might help.

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