[REQUEST] 幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム


【Requested by Eiki

First of, the song title is a pun between the words “cannibalism” and “kanashii” (sad). (2017 edit: more likely “kanashibari” = “Paralysis”, but let’s keep this first impression I had anyway…)
I’d like to keep it “kanashibalism” in the translation, but ended up writing “sadbalism” because… I don’t know?
Feel free to change it, if you’re going to upload the lyrics somewhere!
Second… damn. Those lyrics.
I have no words for them, they’re amazing! They were so fluid to translate, and yet the translation didn’t come out weird as they sometimes tend to do.
And its lyrics are so straightforward and sharp one can feel each and every stanza like a needle piercing the skin.

幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム

妄想の類では無い 信じてよ

kimi ni kokoro o yomareteru
dainashi no yokan de ugokenai yo
konkyo wa sasaina tsumikasane
mousou no rui de wa nai shinjite yo

My heart has been read by you
And it couldn’t move, under a presentiment of ruin
Which basis is a pile of trivial things
And it’s not a type of paranoia, I swear

そうじゃない コレは要らない…

ikura yuujin ni kakomaretemo
tanin ni hometataerarete mo saa
sou ja nai kore wa iranai…
sonna hidoi moumokuna no sa

No matter how many friends I’m surrounded with
Or how many other people praise me,
That’s not what matters, I don’t need all of this,
I don’t need that kind of ruthless blindness…


shikai wa kawarazu, semashi

My vision, unchanging, is narrow

うんざり 偏った価値観

unzari katayotta kachikan
kimi ni mitomeraretakatta dake de
konna toko made kiteshimatta
demo kyou mo ienai

Prejudice values I’m bored of
Existed just to let me be recognized by you
And made me come all the way here
But today, I won’t say them


kimi ni sekai o ubawarete
toraware no jiyuu o sugoshiteru yo
mirai wa yasashiku hikarinaki
nama nurui kodoku dakara naa

My world has been stolen by you
As I’m spending my trapped freedom
The future, gently, holds no light
Because it’s just a lukewarm loneliness
I know that…


ikura sukoyakana seikatsu demo
tasukete kureru ate ga itemo saa
sou ja nai, shinderu mitai
kimi dake ga iki ga idakara na

No matter how my life will be healthy,
Or how many people ready to save me are there
It’s not just that, it’s as if I’m dying
Because only you are my reason to be alive


koe mo dasezu ni utsumuku

I bend down, without saying anything

傷付くの怖いし カナシバリズム

watashi mo kokoro ga yomerunda
kimi ni yarareppanashi wa iya dakara
demo tsumari kekka wa mieteru
kizutsuku no kowai shi kanashibarizumu

I can read my feelings too
Because I grew reclutant of being read by you
But in the end, I can see the outcome
I’m afraid of hurting myself, Sadnibalism

うんざり 偏った価値観
結末を恐れる カナシバリズム

unzari katayotta kachikan
kimi ni mitomeraretakatta dake de
konna jibun o tsukuri age
ketsumatsu o osoreru kanashibarizumu

Prejudice values I’m bored of
Existed just to let me be recognized by you
You build up this person, myself
But I’m fearing the demise, Sadnibalism


– 心 (kokoro) means “heart”, but also “mind”, “feeling”. So, to “read a heart” also means “to read one’s mind”. It’s a Satori arrange, after all.


Title: カナシバリズム (kanashibarizumu)
Circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)
Album: コノ葉隠レ
Vocals: senya
Lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
Arrangement: Autobahn
Release Event: Reitaisai 12
Source: 少女さとり ~ 3rd Eye (Satori Maiden ~ Third Eye) – Subterranean Animism, Satori’s Theme


About Shion (@FGRNDNoises)

1993-born italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating Gaki no Tsukai clips / full episodes (worked with Team Gaki too) and occasionally translating music (doujin / indie / shoegaze / touhou). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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One Response to [REQUEST] 幽閉サテライト – カナシバリズム

  1. Eiki says:

    Haha, I’m happy you enjoyed translating this song! Thanks!

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