[REQUEST] ロクプラス – 唄葬


【Requested by Vital

Looks like the whole album from where this track comes from is a complete carillon/lullaby-like set of touhou themes, which don’t work half bad, I must say.
To be clear, that’s not the type of music I’d enjoy listening to.
But careful, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it.
The voice in this one is really outstanding, but it’s so simple and lullabyish (?) that I wouldn’t sit and listen to this on my spare time.
Come to think about it, since when I started translating this type of doujin songs (4 years ago, I believe?) I was more oriented on touhou arranges than I’m now.
My music taste is still pretty much the same, but I kind of grew apart from doujin music by now.
And that translates into “I moved away listening almost solely to doujin music and started listening everything else too”.
That’s why I apreciate translating your requests (now and then, hehe).
They’re all kind of nostalgic and remind me of the peak of the touhou music era I used to live in long time ago.
But I’m still running this wordpress, so I’ll never be so far away from it.
Just… a safety distance. To gaze at it more carefully.

ロクプラス – 唄葬


hatenaku honoo ga moyuru hitoya
fumuku kaze sae hai to kasu
kono chi de samayou ko no tamashii o
daki yoseru uta wa

The prison burning in everlasting flames
Blends together with the ashes in the wind;
This is the song that will embrace
The soul of the child wandering this land…


katsute hitori no
shoujo deatta
akai shokuzai no senritsu
subete o shiru neko wa
me o sugamete
mujou ni naku

A girl, once alone
Meet the melody
Of her crimson atonement
And the black cat who knew everything
Inspects her with its eyes
Crying ruthlessly

できない 青い空も

umareta wake mo tsumi no omosa mo
sabita kyouki wa kataranai
mou ni do to aogu koto wa
dekinai aoi sora mo

The rusty weapon can’t talk
Not even of my sins, not even of my newborn reason
Not even of the blue sky
I can’t gaze at anymore


chiisana katate de toshi o kazoe
ishitsumi mo mama naranu ko yo
an’nei yuri kago nado koko ni wa
ari wa shinai kedo

The child, that can’t get through the barrier of stone,
Counts the years with her little hand;
But something such peace or a cradle
Is something that, here, doesn’t even exist.


nani mo mienu me o aketa mama
sakebi mo tou ni kareta ko yo
kegarenu you mukuna shiro ni kaeri

As I open my eyes that can’t see anything,
The screams already belonged to a passed away child
So, she changes into a pure, uncorrupted white:
Sleep well


meguru inochi no uta

A song for a rotating life


meguru inochi no koe

The voice of a rotating life


– Almost every word in this song is read with specific readings that differ from the way they should sound. I kept their meaning halfway between their real and “fake” reading. Here’s the list:
– 焔 (first stanza) is read as “honoo” meaning “blaze”. Its true reading is “homura”, meaning “flame”.
– 獄 (first stanza) is the kanji which is used to indicate both “prison” and “hell”, in the word 地獄 (jigoku, hell). Here, is read as “hitoya”, like in 人屋, which means “prison”.
– 幼子 (first stanza) is read as “ko” instead of “osanago”. “ko” is a normal way to say “child”, while “osanago” means “infant”, implying a very young one. It is repeated more times in this song.
– 黒猫 (second stanza) is read as “neko”, meaning cat, instead of “kuroneko”, meaning “black cat”. I kept black cat in the translation.
– 理由 (third stanza) is read as “wake” instead of “riyuu”. They both mean the same thing, by the way.
– 双眸 (fifth stanza) is read as “me” instead of “soubou”. While “me” simply means “eye”, “eyes”, “soubou” means “pair of eyes”. The meaning is the same, after all.
– The last two stanzas repeats the verb “meguru”, but with two different kanjis (both of them are regularly read as “meguru”). This gives to the overal sense of this word a better shade, as if the two forms of “meguru” are spinning together, mixing and blending and becoming one.


Title: 唄葬 (Funeral Song)
Circle: Roch Plus (ロクプラス)
Vocals: 紫飴
Lyrics: 城籠雅
Arrangement: あかゐ
Release Event: C82
Source: 廃獄ララバイ (Lullaby of Deserted Hell) – Subterranean Animism, Stage 5 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “[REQUEST] ロクプラス – 唄葬”

  1. Thank you for the the translation!
    I apologize for the missing information. The arranger is あかゐ. Vocalist is 紫飴. Lyricist is 城籠 雅.

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