[REQUEST] 回路-KAIRO- – flower


【Requested by Eiki

FIRST THING: It’s an arrange for SA stage 3 theme, but I couldn’t fucking find a decent Yuugi pic online. One which doesn’t involve tits ten times the size of her head or manly face / body or brutal an@l rape. I couldn’t. I’ll fix this post if I’ll find one. If you have one, link it to me!
(And I love Parsee, fyi)
I should probably start counting the times 運命 unmei is read as fucking “sadame”.
It’s been at least 10 posts by now. JUST WHY.

回路-KAIRO- – flower

そう 実を結ぶ

hana ga saki
sou mi o musubu

The flowers bloom
And they’ll bear fruit


ureta mi wa
chi ni ochihajike
tane wa futatabi mebuiteku

Let the ripe fruit snap and
Fall down to the ground:
The seeds will sprout once again.


kako mirai utsutsu
mekuru meku toki wa
inishie yori sadame rareshi
inochi o tsumuideku

Past, future, reality,
This dazzling time
Makes our lives go round
Entwined in destiny, from ancient times.

そう 枯れ果てる

hana wa chiri
sou hare hateru

The flowers fall
And they’ll wither and die


sono tane mo
yagate ne o hari
moeru inochi o sakasu darou

Even this seed
And even those roots
Will make a burning life bloom, right?

影落とし 曇った空に

shunkashuutou no
mekuru meku kaze ga
kage otoshi kumotta sora ni
irodori o ataeru

The dazzling wind
Of the four seasons
Gives color
To the cloudy sky darkened by shadows

いざゆかん 高く
たとえこの身体が いつか

izayukan takaku
ryou no me o hiraku
tatoe kono karada ga itsuka
tsuchi ni kaerou to mo

Let’s move forward, higher;
Open both of your eyes;
Even if, one day, I will give back
This body of mine to the ground…


Title: flower
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: Do not distract the eye in the here and now
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: 556t
Arrangement: 麿
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: 旧地獄街道を行く (Walking the Streets of a Former Hell) – Subterranean Animism, Stage 3 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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