回路-kairo- – 想うということ


I can’t deny that The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood is one of the best touhou music piece when it comes to arranges.
I like all of its arranges, and today’s post, 想うということ, is one of my favourites.
We’re talking about an alternative rock song by the RIDICULOUSLY-UNDERRATED cicle 回路-kairo-, and performed by 556t which is actually one of the best female vocalists out there, in the touhou doujin world.
I already translated some songs by this circle and I’m not thinking about leaving them behind, because there are a lot of untranslated songs by them and they’re always great.
In case you missed the other (few) posts, you can search for “kairo” in the search bar at the bottom of every page of this wordpress.
So… expect more kairo posts to come out in the future.
On a side note, back talking about The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood, it’s probably the theme which opened my path towards touhou doujin music.
I clearly remember one of the first touhou doujin album I’ve listened to was FROZEN FROG by Crows’Claw, which is still one of my favourite touhou metal/rock instrumental album of all time.
The track Maid Blood R’n’r was (and still is) amazing, and at the time I never actually listened to its original theme.
And then, after finding about the original track, I started looking for arranges of it, because I liked it a lot.
Its rhythm is simple yet catchy, so it’s pretty easy to arrange this song keeping a nice clean melody.
It’s not a theme which has lots of changes inside it or a theme that is structured in multiple sections, so I’m not that surprised that (99%) every arrange I heard of this theme are pretty good.
And in this song it’s marvelously arranged both in the main riff and when it comes the acoustic section. Bravo, kairo!
But we’re not here talking about tastes, after all we all have our own, and that’s cool.
Let’s say I have nothing more to say about this.
Just listen to this arrange, if you haven’t yet: it’s time well spent!
…Get it? Time? Sakuya? Hahaha…
…Kill me.

回路-kairo- – 想うということ


anata ga mitsumeru saki
hikari michiafure

What you see before you
Is full of light

叶わぬ 運命

kanawanu sadame
keredo waraikakeru dake

It’s a destiny that won’t happen,
But I can’t help but laugh at this


anata no negai
watashi no omoi
mujun no yume

Your wish,
My desire,
A contradictory dream

届かず 宙を仰ぎ

nobashita kono te
todokazu sora o aogi
kuukyo o tsukamu

This hand I held out
Is pointing up the heavens I can’t reach
Seizing the emptiness

背に影を繋いだ 幼き姿
見つめるだけで 立ち尽くしてる
守り続けること誓った 刃
欠けてゆくモノ また目を逸らして

se ni kage o tsunaida osanaki sugata
mitsumeru dake de tachitsukushiteru
mamoritsudzukeru koto chikatta yaiba
kakete yuku mono mata me o sorashite

I stand stock still just by looking into
That childish figure tied to my back’s shadow,
That sword with which I promised to keep protecting you;
I turn away my eyes from what’s waning


tomaranai ashioto ga
kokoro o yurasu no

The unfading sound of footsteps
Is making my heart shake


hanareteku kono kyori no
sukima umetakute

I want to bury down the gap
Between our still growing distance…


anata no negai
watashi no omoi
mujun no yume

Your wish,
My desire,
A contradictory dream


toki o tometemo
kawaranu sono omoi ga
mune e sasaru

Even if I’d stop time,
This wish that won’t change
Pierces my chest

影引き摺り進む 幼き背中
寄り添いながら 雫が落ちる
かざし見送る 愛しい姿を

kage hikizuri susumu osanaki senaka
yorisoi nagara shizuku ga ochiru
mamoritsudzukeru koto chikatta yaiba
kazashi miokoru itoshii sugata o

The childish back proceeding while dragging along her shadow…
As it gets close to me, a drop falls down;
That sword with which I promised to keep protecting you
Is the beloved figure which bid me farwell with open arms.


– Remember that 運命 (unmei) that is read as “sadame” and appears in every thing that involves japanese, for some reason? Well, first stanza: sadame is back.
– 願い (negai) & 想い (omoi) in the third stanza. Negai means “wish”, “desire”, while “omoi” can both mean the same thing as well as “thought”, “memory”. I kept the meaning the same, but keep this in mind.
– 宙 (sora) is wrote with an unusal kanji rather than the classic 空 (sora), meaning sky. It’s the same kanji from the word 宇宙 (uchuu), meaning “space”, so I figured a wider idea of a sky fit better than the simple word “sky”. Thus, I choose “heaven”. But keep in mind that it should simply be “sky”, I’m just stupid.
– 欠けてゆく (kakete yuku) the word “kakeru” could have at least 1000 meanings, but I only heard “kakete yuku” when refering to a “kakete yuku tsuki” (waning moon). Here, there’s no “moon” (tsuki), but there’s “thing” (mono), so i figured it may kept this meaning because, you know… the moon, Luna Dial, Sakuya… it can kinda make sense.
– かざし (kasashi) in the last stanza is not wrote with kanji. Normally, “kazashi” is a word used for “hairpin”, but it didn’t make sense. There’s also the verb “kazasu” whose suspensive form is “kazashi”, that could mean “having your hands up your head” or “holding someone’s hand out”. I prefered using this, though it may not be right.


Title: 想うということ (omou to iu koto) (To think)
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Album: Fantasia of the Shades, by the Shades, for the Shades
Vocals: 556t
Lyrics: メガネ (megane)
Arrangement: メガネ&毛
Release Event: C78
Source: メイドと血の懐中時計 (The Maid and The Pocket Watch of Blood) – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Stage 5 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “回路-kairo- – 想うということ”

  1. See you like kairo as well! And yeah – if it comes to “normal” touhou enthusiast kairo seems to be pretty underrated. But in the society of uploaders almost EVERYONE likes kairo here 😀
    Oh, and could you translate song named “flower” by kairo? Thanks!

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