[REQUEST] C-CLAYS – 風ニ舞シ恋桜歌


【Requested by Dolce

And I can remember who gave me the lyrics for it, so thanks, guyIdontremember!
Kancolle. I do enjoy its art, some of its BGMs and the characters’ design, but that apart, it doesn’t make sense to me.
I don’t really like it that much, and whoever says that kancolle is the next touhou is clearly blind or whatever.
That apart, Kancolle arranges are pretty damn good.
There are a lot of arranges that I like and I wish to translate, so I’m not giving up translating Kancolle stuff.
I just wanted to point out that, music aside, I don’t like it that much as I like touhou.
I never accepted that all of those cute anime girls were actually ships, and while on Touhou there are things such as humanized musical instrument / umbrellas / stuff, it doesn’t look strange not even a bit to me, compared to how kancolle does.
Anyway, some words about this post.
I already translated 番ヒノ翼 from the same album, and just like this one, the lyrics aren’t easy at all.
Katakana everywhere, special readings and strange kanjis make everything a lot more difficult than it already is.
But then again, I DO like challenges.
Also, this is an arrange from that theme… can’t remember the name. The one featured in the spring event some years ago, maybe? I like that theme a lot!
PS: In this song… The bass is AMAZING. Just wait for the fourth stanza and bshqeyrbsznjdjs.
PPS: This may be my worst (aka most difficult / wtf) translation EVER.
Be sure to check the notes.

C-CLAYS – 風ニ舞シ恋桜歌


anata e no kono omoi koi nobori kaze ni nose rinrinshiku mo saki midare koizakura

I’ll let those feelings for you ride the wind carrying love, a loving sakura blooming in profusion even when is cold…


akatsuki yami yume utsutsu wa shirogane no
toki o koete miru wa ubazakura
anata no koe meguriai shi kagerou no
fuki sosogu wa setsuna hana no ame

What dawn, darkness, dreams and reality see
Going beyond the silver time, is a faded beauty;
What the shadow of the chance of meeting you is sprinkling
Is the rain of an ephemeral sad flower.


konpeki no suiten hiiro ni koii somete

The deep blue sky and sea are painted in the crimson colour of love


hotobashiru kono inochi koi kogare kagura uta
oto ni kikoyu merodi koimoyou
hana to chiru kono kokoro hakanaki sadame no iro wa uta
kaguwashiki fuubaika saki hokore

A Kagura song burns my overflowing life with love
Like a pattern from a love melody I used to hear;
What’s left in this transient fate of my heart falling like a flower is just this song,
Bloom fully, oh fragrant spring wind!


chiri yuku hi wa ai no rekka terasarete
anata no tame kisou miotsukushi
musou no hane negawakuba hekikuu ni
shirasagumo o susumu michibiki o

The scattering lamps are lightened up by the raging fire of love
And the Miotsukushi are fighting for your sake;
I pray to the azure sky for those wings I dreamed of,
As I follow the path that white clouds are showing me


ginshu no kuusai ranzen saki somete

The vermilion horizon is radiating all over


mune hazeru kono sadame koutetsu no michishirube
kokoro ga odoru rizumu aimoyou
fuki areru kouten ni
kurogane gekiretsu semishigure
konjiki no setsuna kaze maki okose

This destiny, a guidepost of steel, is bursting up my chest;
My heart is dancing to a rhythm of a love song
That blows strongly from the heavens;
The iron, the violence, The cry of crickets…
A sad, golden wind is rising…


chiisana yuuki yaezaku koii somete

A bit of courage painted a double blossom with love…

馨しき風媒花咲き誇れ咲き乱れ あゝ…恋桜歌

anata e no kono omoi koi nobori kaze ni nose rinrinshiku mo saki midare koizakura
hana to chiru kono kokoro aa… hakanaki otome no iro wa uta
kaguwashiki fuubaika saki hokore saki midare aa… koizakura uta

I’ll let those feelings for you ride the wind carrying love, a loving sakura blooming in profusion even when is cold…
This heart, falling like a flower, aah… the colour of a transient maiden is a song;
Bloom fully, grow splendid, oh fragrant spring wind, oh song of a loving sakura!


– 恋登り (koinobori) is a strange word. It implies the word “koi” (love) and “nobori” (to ride, to go up, to rise), but on the other hand, it sounds exactly like 鯉幟 (koinobori), the name of those carp-shaped wind chimes which are made float during the kodomo-no-hi (children’s day). I kept the other meaning, but it may have some implications with this tradition. I guess.
– 恋桜 (koizakura) this word appears both in the title and often in the song. I don’t really know how should I translate it, being “koi” “love” and “zakura” a compound form of “sakura”, the japanese cherry tree. I decided to make it into “loving sakura” or “lovely sakura”. “loving” was a bit more fitting, so I left this one in the translation.
– “silver time” in the translation is a literal translation of 銀の時. I can’t think of anything else. It could may be refering to the war, which makes a lot of sense giving the context.
– 刹那 (setsuna) means “moment”, but also “sadness”. Here, it’s written with the kanjis for “moment”, but I think it fits better to add both, being the stanza about chance of meeting and hope (which are both sad imho).
– Katakana appears randomly in some sentences. On the booklet, the furigana was entirely in katakana. The reason for this is unknown.
– 神楽歌 (kagura uta) the Kagura is a shinto / traditional type of song in japanese culture. I left it untouched.
– 生命 (inochi) in the third stanza is read as “inochi”, which is the normal reading ONLY for 命, the second kanji, while it should be read “seimei”. The meaning of “life”, however, stays the same.
– 旋律 (senritsu) in the third stanza, same thing. Should be read “senritsu” but is read as “merodi” (katakana version of the word “melody”). Both words mean the same thing, once again.
– こゝろ (kokoro) in the third stanza, is written using ゝ, an old fashioned symbol which is read as the previous kana. Nowadays, japanese people don’t use it.
– 澪標 (miotsukushi) I can’t explain in english what are those. Just… look here on Google images. Too many goodamn naval-themed words I can’t translate / comprehend. I’m sorry.
– 運命 (unmei) third stanza too. Somebody, please, tell me why this fucking compound is ALWAYS read as “sadame” (not the original reading) but NEVER as “unmei” (original reading). I can’t understand this. Help me. In this song is read as “sadame” too, and I swear it appears as “sadame” in at least other 5 posts I already made. Just why..?
– 宿命 (shukumei) fifth stanza (or sixth?), ditto. Should be read “shukumei”, but japanese guys likes that fucking “sadame” word more than they love fucking sushi. I’m sorry that was racist. I love you, japanese people.


Title: 風ニ舞シ恋桜歌 (kaze ni mai shi koizakura uta) (A lovely sakura song dancing in the wind)
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 番ヒノ翼 -ツガヒノツバサ- (tsugai no tsubasa)
Vocals: KABURA
Lyrics: KABURA
Arrangement: KABURA
Release Event: C86
Source: 「索敵機、発艦始め!」(Kantai Collection)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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