Disclaimer: The lyrics for this songs contains imagery that can disturb the readers.

【Requested by Dolce yAMAiNOS

This is the first ever song that deserves a disclaimer in it.
Also, on the homepage / section page you have to click “see more” to read it: I don’t want to have those lyrics displayed to the public.
I actually didn’t want to translate this song in the first place.
It’s a request that’s pending for way too much time.
And that’s because of its content. I’m not saying the song is bad. While I don’t enjoy this kind of music that much, I don’t despise it either.
The song is very energetic and atmospheric, but its lyrics are so fucked up in every possible way.
The english is ridiculously stupid, vulgar and embrassing.
Its lyrics are pointless, disturbing, creepy.
I struggled trying to fit this song on my wordpress.
But when I think about a song, I think about what’s behind it.
People who write music, people who play instruments, people who put their efforts onto it.
If I was to say something in this world which is the quintessence of beauty, I’d say is art in every shape it has.
Music is just another shape of it.
And art can be dark, can be creepy, can scare or disturb people.
It can depict blood, violence, death, sex, gore, blasphemy, sins, vices, fear.
It’s not that art should depict all of this, but it has the power to do so.
And so, yeah, I actually can find art even in this.
It’s just like modern art. Most of people say it’s simple shit, but it’s way more complex than they think.
It may be shit, but it’s a complex shit that makes you question what are you looking at, which makes your brain work harder and your heart race faster.
So, you’re the judge.
My role is just to translate. To understand and to think is the readers’ role.
I can only say that this song impressed me, left me something. Maybe negative, but it still had a remarkable impact. Just like modern art.
Enjoy the lyrics… or not.
I don’t really care. Click continue reading for the lyrics and notes.
Almost forgot, thanks (?) to Violet for the lyrics!


I was pregnant with a maggot in the season of the cherry blossom.

I’m so called indecent prostitute.
It’s rest room where it handles sexual desire.
My vagina discharge blood today.
I’m always deceived by a transparent lie.

Your gentle fragrance does not yet disappear.
I wanted there to be me near you forever.
The crime that betrayed me is big.
One day I will bite off your filthy cock.

血漿にまみれた邪心 鍵の無い膣

yuuyami ni sarasareta teokure no haru
narenai kanshoku wa niku kabe wo tsutau
kesshou ni mamireta jashin kagi no nai chitsu
jittai no nai aijou de bunpitsu sareru dataiji no koe

On the late spring exposed on the dusk
My numb sense of touch is conveyed through a wall of flesh;
A wicked spirit covered in plasma blood, a cunt without a key,
In this love without substance resounds the voice of aborted children secreted away.

The sacrifice of secular.
The cursed genitals.

誘う罠 欲情に駆られ

kuchibiru ni somaru mayakashi to
zen’i no ura de sorikaeru sore wa nani?
sasou wana yokujou ni karare
tokasu hibi ni furimawasareru

Just what are the deception which paint your lips
And the bending of the back side of good intentions?
Driven by an alluring trap of sexual desire
I’m being abused by days that melt away.

Copulation with the trash box.
Nonsense menstruation.

消えぬ痣 見世物にされて
渇く涙 ひび割れた空

yurikago no naka okisarareta
shu ni majiwari umiotosu ginen no ko
kienu aza misemono ni sarete
kawaku namida hibiwareta sora

Inside the cradle, left behind, there lies
A suspicious child painted in vermillion;
Its irremovable birthmark will be show
As dried tears to the slowly cracking sky.


fukisoku ni toonoku ishiki sae
kairaku wo motomu chi to ase no naka…

Even the consciousness now far from irregularity
Is inside my blood and sweat, seeking for pleasure…


– A note on my translation: I decided to keep a strong language even on the translation due the content of the song.
– 春 (haru): the whole song has a strong and explicit sexual imagery on it. “spring” is a common japanese word to describe sex, sexual pleasure and things related to it, as it’s seen in japanese words such as 売春(baishun) where “to buy” and “spring” together translates into “prostitute”.
– 見世物 (misemono): for some reason the “se” for “misemono” is not written in hiragana but with the kanji “yo”, the same for the world “sekai”, which means “world”. It keeps the same meaning even when alone.
– I’m really not sure about the gender of the singer, the subject of the song or anything else, that’s why I kept using “it” instead of “he” or “she”. It fits pretty well with the wild lyrics too, imho.


Vocals: しるへい (shiruhei)
Lyrics: しるへい (shiruhei)
Arrangement: しるへい (shiruhei)
Release Event: C82
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is for the Transient People) – Mountain of Faith, Sanae Kochiya’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?


  1. Can I say that I laughed while reading the description of the song you gave? Because I imagined you translating the song with one eye closed, with a disgusted face while holding a cross xD

    1. Not everything about this song’s lyrics is bad, I’d say the english part is the most ridiculous.
      I mean, “The cursed genitals”. “Nonsense menstruation”. Like, seriously?

      1. I know, right?
        I’m afraid I agree with you with everything you’ve said about it, but it was hilarious nonetheless 😀

  2. Hey! Just a doubt, where can I get the albums? Or at least download the songs, paid or not, thanks!!

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