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【Requested by yAMAiNOS

Today’s song is DaNce by Akatsuki Records, a nice arrange from Doll Judgement, with an interesting story behind its lyrics.
This song is full of english words in the japanese lyrics. Some of them perfectly blends with the japanese words without touching the grammar structures / meanings, some others are more f*cked up, but the meaning is still (pretty much) understandable.
I’m sorry if I always end up writing “dance a dance”, but “dance” is always wrote in english, and the verb “odoru” means “dance”. It’s stupid but can’t be helped.
Anyway, I’m aware this translation is not as good as it should be, and that’s because of its english parts and me not being very active, lately.
Hope it makes a little bit of sense, at least!
Almost forgot, guess who has found the lyrics for me?

暁Records – DaNcE

あらゆるもの、その“FAKE FACE”信じてはいけないHeart
わかるはずないDifficulty 触れるだけじゃわからない

kanjou o korosu koto ni nareta watashi no me ni wa
arayuru mono, sono “FAKE FACE” shinjite wa ikenai Heart
shiritai dakedo oshiete kurenai no wa doushite?
wakaru hazu nai Difficulty fureru dake ja wakaranai

Inside the eyes of myself who grow accustomed to suppressing feelings,
Lies a Heart that is forbid to trust everything, that “FAKE FACE”;
I want to know it, but why nothing will teach it to me?
I don’t know why I’m only able to grasp difficulties which I shouldn’t understand…

想い続けること、途切れの無い想い 私の知らない間に響いた
このVoice、そのNoise、止めてよSoul Rise

omoitsudzukeru koto, togire no nai omoi watashi no shiranai aida ni hibiita
kono Voice, sono Noise, tomete yo Soul Rise
okashiku naru hontou no ai

To keep thinking, a thought that can’t be interrupted… It ringed in the midst of my ignorance;
This voice, that noise, stop them, soul rise;
A real love that turned strange

踊る最後のDance 廻る祭壇を囲うDoll
そしたら見えてくる 息のない人形が目覚める

odoru saigo no Dance mawaru saidan o kakou Doll
soshitara mietekuru iki no nai ningyou ga mezameru
me o hanasanaide saigo no Dance

Dance to this last dance as dolls enclose the spinning altar;
Then, come to see the awakening of the doll that doesn’t breathe:
Don’t look away, it’s our last dance.

きっと見ててくれた これが最後のDancing
針が突き抜けたSomething 血塗られたDoll History
今はすごく後悔してる そうでしょ?Darling?
絡み続けてるMy Thread 絶対に逃がさない

kitto mitete kureta kore ga saigo no Dancing
hari ga tsukinuketa Something chinurareta Doll History
ima wa sugoku koukai shiteru sou desho? Darling?
karami tsuzuketeru My Thread zettai ni nigasanai

Someone will surely watch it, this is my last dancing
Something is pierced by a needle, is the bloodstained doll history;
Now I’m regretting everything. What should I do, my Darling?
I won’t let you run away from my thread twined around you!


shinjiatteta kokoro, orimagerareta kara
dore mo ga anata o torikakondeiru
kono Feel, ano Hope, obieru hyoujou
towa ni mawaru Stage

Our hearts trust each other, and because they’re so alike
Mine is sorrounding yours in each and every way;
This feel, that hope, your hesitating facial expression…
A stage that revolves infinitely

踊る 続くよDance 囲うあなたを葬るDoll
繰り返されるStory この世界は永遠に廻る

odoru tsuzuku yo Dance kakou anata o houmuru Doll
kurikaesareru Story kono sekai wa eien ni mawaru

Keep dancing to this dance, as the Doll will sorround and bury you;
A story that can be repeated, as this world spins without an end.


(tsugi no haru made kazarou, mezametara mata aimashou)

(I’ll put you as a decoration until next spring, let’s meet again once you wake up)

踊る最後のDance 廻る祭壇を囲うDoll
そしたら見えてくる 息のない人形が目覚める
目を離さないで最後のDance 永遠に

odoru saigo no Dance mawaru saidan o kakou Doll
soshitara mietekuru iki no nai ningyou ga mezameru
me o hanasanaide saigo no Dance eien ni

Dance to this last dance as dolls enclose the spinning altar;
Then, come to see the awakening of the doll that doesn’t breathe:
Don’t look away, it’s our last dance.


– I tried my best keeping the english words untouched in the english translatioin, but sometimes I happened to fix them into right plurals or things like that. So, I’m sorry.
– 感情を殺 (kanjou o korosu): “to kill the feeling”. Literally, “korosu” is “kill”, but I don’t know if it means something or not in english. In italian, it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, in japanese, “kanjou o korosu” means “not letting feelings get in the way”, therefore “suppressing” them.
– 知らない間 (shiranai aida): literally: “the arc of time during which I didn’t know something”. “Ignorance” fits perfectly, right? Though it’s not exactly the same thing. I mean, can’t have a sentence be a mile long, right?
– (次の春まで飾ろう、目覚めたらまた会いましょう)(tsugi no haru de kazarou, mezametara mata aimashou). Let’s explain this. So, this song seems to be about Alice going crazy and making dolls out of people she loves. Am I right? Probably not, but that’s how I read it. If that’s the case, first of all, the verb “kazaru”, which means “to decorate”, is always used with the word “ningyou” (meaning “doll”) in japanese. Basically, if you locate something onto something else you simply “put” it(置く), but if you “put” a doll somewhere, than you are actually “decorating” that somewhere with the doll, so you should say “kazaru” (飾る)instead of “oku” (置く, “put”).
So, what’s the meaning of this sentence? Simple: Alice will “decorate” her room (aka placing the doll in her room) with the doll (which is possibly someone she knows turned into a doll) that will “meet again in spring” once it “wakes up”. Some stanzas before there was another line which stated “waking up” a doll. That probably means that Alice is putting people’s souls into dolls and waking them at her will, consciously. After all, the song started with her stating that “she doesn’t feel any emotion at all”. Makes sense, right? Yeah, not so much. Welcome to Japan.


Title: DaNcE
Circle: 暁Records
Album: 反逆の鐘 -Last Rebellion-
Vocals: 謎の人物K (Nazo no Jinbutsu K)
Lyrics: ACTRock
Arrangement: ACTRock
Release Event: C86
Source: 人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 (Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes) – Perfect Cherry Blossom, Alice Margatroid’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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