C-CLAYS – How to be brave~循環の在処~


C-CLAYS – How to be brave~循環の在処~

The world sprit above
天と地 境界探して
はじまる trust by myself,
turn over, 開くまで…

the world sprit above
ten to chi kyoukai sagashite
hajimaru trust by myself,
turn over, hiraku made….

The world sprit above;
Trust by myself, I start
Searching for the boundary between heaven and earth
Turn over, until it will open…

光の静寂 水に向かう波は蜃気楼
青い低空を駆けるため 急上昇

hikari no seijaku mizu ni mukau nami wa shinkirou
aoi teikuu o kakeru tame kyuujoushou

The quieteness of the light; the mirage of the waves facing the water…
I’ll rise in order to jump over the blue low-altitude!

迎え撃つ コンマ . 1秒
塞ぐ航路 狙い定め

mukaeutsu konma .ichibyou
zuretemo youshashinai
fusagu kouro nerai sadame
mawari dasu ruuretto geemu

1 second till attack comma #1;
Even if I’d fall, I won’t show mercy:
The route that has been shut is the destiny I’m aiming at,
A roulette game that starts spinning.

The world sprit above 揺らめく 翳りの彼方へ
行き交う魂 清くこだます
The world sprit above 天と地 境界探して
今こそ how to be brave! 蒼い光が巡る

the world sprit above yurameku kageri no kanata e
ikikau tamashii kiyoku kodamasu
the world sprit above ten to chi kyoukai sagashite
ima koso how to be brave! aoi hikari ga meguru

The world sprit above towards the edge of a wavering gloom
As my soul coming and going echoes in purity;
The world sprit above, I’ll search for the boundary between Heaven and Earth:
Right now, how to be brave! The blue light is spinning!

海と空が交わる場所に 急降下

doushitemo fuan ga oshiyosetekuru toki ni wa
umi to sora ga majiwaru basho ni kyuukouka

When I’ll be overwhelmed by anxiety I’ll dive
In the place where the sea and the sky blend together, by all means

揺り起こす 心の底は
救いたい 確かな熱情

yuriokosu kokoro no soko wa
mizukagami ni terasare
sukuitai tashikana netsujou
michibiite ne shiikuretto zoon

The now awakened bottom of my heart
Is been illuminated by the reflecting water;
That definite ardour that I want to save
Is leading me, towards a secret zone

The world sprit above 時空が織りなす歳月
どれほど夢見た 景色仰いで
The world sprit above 誰より幻想 飛び越え
手にした how to be brave!
砕け散る瞬間 永久に

the world sprit above jikuu ga orinasu saigetsu
dore hodo yume mita keshiki aoide
the world sprit above dare yori gensou tobikoe
te ni shita how to be brave!
kudake chiru shunkan touwa ni

The world sprit above the years that interweave space and time;
For how much have I been dreaming looking up this scenery?
The world sprit above, I’ll walk over any illusion, more than everyone,
Now I have it in my hands, how to be brave!
I’ll smash up this instant, eternally!

掴んだものは 音を失くし

tsukanda mono wa oto o nakushi
doko ni mo kaeru basho ga nai to shite mo

What I seized lost its sound;
Even if there were no place to go back to…

小さき魂 呼びかけてみても
くすんだ世界の果てに 繰り返し

chiisaki tamashii yobikaketemite mo
kusunda sekai no hate ni furikaeshi

Even if I’d try to call out for your small soul
To the edge of this darkening world… relapsing

The world sprit above こうして何度も超えてく
信じて叶える 抱いた運命に
The world sprit above 天と地 炎帝 煌き
for the this time, how to be brave!
蒼い光よ 巡れ…!

the world sprit above koushite nandomo koeteku
shinjite kanaeru daita unmei ni
the world sprit above ten to chi entei kirameki
for the this time, how to be brave!
aoi hikari yo megure…!

The world sprit above; I’ll overcome such things infinite times;
I believe I can fullfil the destiny I’m grasping!
The world sprit above the flame emperor radiating between Heaven and Earth
For the this time, how to be brave!
Follow it… that blue light..!


– first of all, engrish and english are blend together in the translation. I kept every single engrish sentence, even though they didn’t make much sense. That’s a japanese-to-english translation wordpress, not an english-to-english one.
– “attack comma #1″… well, I don’t know if it makes sense. I’m not really a war expert. Also, why those kancollish lyrics? Btw this song was released even before Kancolle existed… probably.
– Last stanza, “Entei” is the name of the legendary chinese Yan Emperor. I really don’t know who he is or why is he refered to in this song. I know for sure that this songs refers to him, being the kanji the same (and having no other meanings beside this one). Also, yeah, the pokémon Entei seems to come from this emperor too.
By the way, I translated it as “the flame emperor” because it sounded cooler, though I don’t really know what kind of drinks the touhou lyricists store in their shelves… (I’d like to know that, though)
– Sorry I had to keep that “the this” in the last stanza. It’s part of the original lyrics. I’m sorry, grammar.


Title: How to be brave~循環の在処~ (How to be brave ~ junkan no arika) (How to be brave ~ hiding place’s circulation)
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: Touhou Reimari QUEST
Vocals: Mai Kotohge
Lyrics: Amane Miyu
Arrangement: atoguru
Release Event: C82
Source: キャプテン・ムラサ (Captain Murasa) – Unidentified Fantastic Object, Murasa Minamitsu’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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  1. I’d like to see how would you manage to post stuff with your brain 99% dead. Okno just kidding.
    Based Violet romanizing album names and lyrics.

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