[REQUEST] Elemental Records – 眠らない星


【Requested by Alv‏

So, today’s song is an arrange from Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country, which is also my personal favourite theme from Shoot the Bullet.
As Alv made me notice, I’m not sure whether this song is refering to Aya or not.
At some points, it could may imply that it’s probably more Mary-Renko related.
And that could make sense, being Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country featured in Magical Astronomy too.
But once again, in the last part of the song keeps repeating things such as “soaring the skies” or “faster and faster”, so in the end I decided to put a picture of Aya because I found it more fitting.

Elemental Records – 眠らない星

月明かり眩しくて 探し出せない

yozora ni nagareru hitotsu no hoshi
tsukiakari mabushikute sagashidasenai

The moonlight is so bright that I can’t chase up
That single star flowing in the night sky

三回祈れば 願い叶う
その前に瞬いて 消えてしまうの

sankai inoreba negai kanau
sono mae ni matataite kieteshimau no

If you pray three times, it’ll grant your wish;
But before that, it flickered until it disappeared..

それでも諦めたくない 貴方のために
高い丘の上 越えて行くの
眠れない夜に また月沈んで
世界が赤に 染まるまでは
この眠らない夜 高く高く飛んで
あの雲の向こう側 世界の果てまでも

soredemo akirametakunai anata no tame ni
takai oka no ue koeteiku no
nemurenai yoru ni mata tsuki shizunde
sekai ga aka ni somaru made wa
kono nemuranai yoru takaku takaku tonde
ano kumo no mukougawa sekai no hate made mo

But still, I don’t want to give up: I’ll climb over
That tall hill for your sake.
On this sleepless night, the moon sinks again,
And until the whole world turns red
I’ll fly higher and higher into this sleepless night
Over the clouds, even to the edge of the world!

息ができなくなるほど 輝く星の海

iki ga dekinakunaru hodo kagayaku hoshi no umi

A sea of stars so sparkling it makes me unable to breathe…

振り絞り叫んでも 声届かない

yozora ni kieteku nagareru hoshi
furishibori sakendemo koe todokanai

Even if I strain my voice, screaming, it can’t reach
That star flowing and disappearing in the night sky

地上の光が 眩しすぎて
流れ星 この惑星を見つけ出せない

chijou no hikari ga mabushisugite
nagareboshi kono hoshi o mitsukedasenai

The light above the ground is so dazzling
I can’t locate this shooting star, this planet
But still…

叶えたいの 私のため 大好きな貴方の笑顔守りたいから

kanaetai no watashi no tame daisukina anata no egao mamoritai kara

I want to grant it, for myself, because I want to protect my beloved smile of yours…

眠れない夜に 今、月昇って
世界が赤に 染まるまでに
眠らない夜に 思いっ切り飛んで
月の彼方 世界の果ても
諦めたくないわ 貴方のためだから
その瞳の中 星瞬き往くまでは

nemurenai yoru ni ima, tsuki nobotte
sekai ga aka ni somaru made ni
nemuranai yoru ni omoikkiri tonde
tsuki no kanata sekai no hate mo
akirametakunai wa anata no tame dakara
sono hitomi no naka hoshi mabataki iku made wa

I’ll now ascend to the moon, in this sleepless night,
And until the world will be painted in red,
In the sleepless night I’ll fly with all my strenght
To the other side of the moon and towards the end of the world;
Because it’s for your sake, I won’t give up
Until a star starts blinking inside those eyes…

このまま流れなければ 私が星になる

kono mama nagarenakereba watashi ga hoshi ni naru

If I stand still without flowing, I’ll become a star

大空を翔る 星流れるように
貴方の願い 叶えたいの

oozora o kakeru hoshi nagareru you ni
anata no negai kanaetai no

I’ll soar the firmament like a falling star:
I want to grant your wish!

もっと加速続け ずっと夜を翔る
貴方の世界 助けたいの

motto kasoku tsudzuke zutto yoru o kakeru
anata no sekai tasuketai no

I’ll keep speeding up and fly towards the night:
I want to save your world!

この眠らない夜 速く速く飛んで
地平の彼方に 太陽が昇ってても

kono nemuranai yoru hayaku hayaku tonde
chihei no kanata ni taiyou ga nobottete mo

I’ll fly faster and faster towards this sleeples night
Even if the Sun rises on the other side of the Earth’s surface…

貴方が願い終わるまで 私は眠らない

anata ga negai owaru made watashi wa nemuranai

…I won’t sleep, until your wish will be granted.


– When the song talks about that “climbing up a hill”, I meant it to be “climb the hill in order to see the shooting star again”. But not being sure it was understandable, here’s this note. Btw, today I’m dyslexic.
– Also yeah, the song repeats “nemuranai yoru” more than once in the same stanza, that’s why I kept adding “sleepless night” more than once per stanza in the translation too.
– 惑星 (wakusei) is read as “hoshi”. While “wakusei” means “planet”, “hoshi” means “star”, but strange thing is that “hoshi” could also mean “planet”, while “wakusei” can’t mean “star”. I think… I put a really simple concept into a grammar clusterfuck. I’m sorry.
– It’s pretty strange the fact that, in the last stanza, it uses 終わる (owaru, “to end”) instead of 叶う (kanau, “to grant”) refering to “wish”. I translated it as “wish will be granted”, because I didn’t find “wish will be over” to be fitting / good sounding. But keep in mind that “over” is a more correct translation, according to the japanese lyrics.

Title: 眠らない星 (nemuranai hoshi) (sleepless star)
Circle: Elemental Records
Album: Sound Spectrum
Vocals: 雨色
Lyrics: 青時
Arrangement: Nanasy
Release Event: C78
Source: 東の国の眠らない夜 (Sleepless Night of The Eastern Country) – Shoot the Bullet, Photo Theme 4

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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