[REQUEST] 金剛・比叡・榛名・霧島 【東山奈央】- 提督との絆


【Requested by Daniel Blueflyer‏

Back to Kancolle with a song published by Kadokawa Games, “提督との絆“.
While with Touhou there’s no way I can say uncorrect things, this could happen when I’m talking about Kancolle because I don’t know eveyrthing about it.
So, feel free to insult correct me!
Anyway, this seems to be an arrange from the theme of marriage in Kancolle.
Yup, in the game you can actually marry your favourite ship.
How should we call this? Mechaphilia? I don’t know. What I know is that this song is so sweet it melted my insides and gave me diabetes three times.
And that’s not a bad thing, I like these kind of lyrics and this one is very good. What I like about Kancolle arranges is that they’re always very emotional (in terms of lyrics) compared to your average Touhou arrange.
Must probably be because Kancolle is overall sadder when compared to Touhou, that explains why its arranges are almost tearjerking.
And, I repeat, it’s not like that’s a bad thing. I liked this song a lot.
But that’s not all. The vocals are by Nao Touyama, which is the voice actress for every Kongou class ship in the game. So, as stated in the title, the characters performing this song are Kongou (金剛), Haruna (榛名), Hiei (比叡) and Kirishima (霧島).
There’s nothing much I can add to this, I’ll just leave the notes and the lyrics. Enjoy!
(PS: I choose a picture of Haruna merely because it was the best I could find)
(…And yup, that’s a traditional japanese wedding dress)

Nao Touyama – 提督との絆


umi no soko ni nemuru
fukai kanashimi to toki no kioku kara
mezameta asa no hikari no naka
anata no yume o miru

From the profound sadness and our memories
Sleeping at the bottom of the sea,
Inside the light of a morning that wakes me up
I dream about you, Admiral.


naida asu no umi ni
kogidasu watashi no senaka mitsumeteiru
anata ga kureta mirai no chizu
daiji ni tashikameru

In the calm sea of tomorrow,
I’ll check with care the precious
Map of our future that you, Admiral gave to me,
As you watch my back.


tetsu no shizumu kaikyou mo
yami mo kirisaku tatakai mo
hitori ni natta samishisa sae
koeteyukeru kara

I’ll overcome everything…
Even the iron sinking in the strait,
Even the darkness, even the violent battles,
Even the sadness of having become alone…


aoi toki no kaze to
anata no yasashii hohoemi
itsudemo kokoro ni daite
ashita e kaketeiku no

I’ll always keep in my heart
The wind of the blue times
And the gentle smile of yours, Admiral,
And dash towards tomorrow!


anata no manazashi ni
watashi wa kono toki de kotaeru
shouen mo kono itami sae
anata to no kizuna

Looking your eyes, my Admiral,
I live up to this time;
Even the gunpowder smoke and this pain…
That’s right,
That’s the bond between us.


sora no hate no kanata
tooi umi no sazanami kikoeteiru
anata ga kureta watashi no hibi
daiji ni omoidasu

Beyond the end of the sky
I can hear the rippling sound of the distant sea
As I preciously remember
The days you gave to me, Admiral…


yami ni shizumu tsumetasa mo
torinokosareru setsunasa mo
owari o mitoru kanashimi sae
tsumuide yukeru kara

I’ll embrace everything…
Even the coldness of sinking into the darkness,
Even the pain of being left behind,
Even the sadness of realizing the end…


akai toki no honoo
anata to nara kowaku wa nai
omoi o kokoro ni hibikasete
ashita e kaketeiku no

If you’re here with me, Admiral,
I do not fear the flame of the red times;
I’ll let my memories resound in my heart
And dash towards the future!


watashi ga mamori nuku yo
anata o hitori ni wa shinai
shouen mo kono itami sae
watashi no doresu

I’ll protect you to the end,
I won’t leave you alone, my Admiral;
Even the gunpowder smoke and this pain…
They’re my dress.


aoi toki no kaze to
anata no yasashii hohoemi
itsudemo kokoro ni daite
ashita e kakete yuku no

I’ll always keep in my heart
The wind of the blue times
And the gentle smile of yours, Admiral,
And dash towards tomorrow!

ねえ いつまでも

anata no manazashi ni
kitto kono toki de kotaeru
nee itsumademo

Looking your eyes, my Admiral,
I’ll surely live up to this time;
I believe in it,
Right? Keep holding my hand…


te o nigitteite



– That’s one of the few song I translated without leaving the sentence order the same way as the japanese lyrics are for most of the stanzas. This was in order to have the lyrics be more “normal sounding”.
– In the lyrics, everytime the word 提督 (teitoku), meaning “admiral”, appears, it’s ALWAYS read as “anata”, which could both mean “you” and “my dear”. Even the title of this song has a “Teitoku” that’s actually read as “Anata”. I translated it as “You, Admiral”, so it has every meaning it should have.
– 航路 is read as “chizu” in this song, meaning “map”, while it’s normally read as “kouro”, meaning “route” (as the route a warship is ordered to follow).
– 希望 is read as “ashita”, meaning “tomorrow”, while it’s normally read as “kibou”, meaning “hope”. I combined the two meanings.
– 時代 is read as “toki”, meaning “time”, while it’s normally read as “jidai”, meaning “era”. Omg I just made three identical notes in a row.
– Just like note #2, on another stanza the word 未来 which is read as “mirai” meaning “future”, is read as “ashita”, meaning “tomorrow”. Japanese is fun.
– When the song says “aoi toki” and “akai toki” (blue times – red times) I think it’s probably refering to “good memories” and “violent memories”. In other words, the days of calmness (blue) and the days of battles and blood (red). We’re talking about warship, after all.
– When it says “dress”, it’s probably also refering to the marriage stuff. That’s an arrange from that theme, after all.
– Last two stanzas come one after one other in meanings, so the translation for “forever” is actually in the second-to-last stanza instead of the last. As I stated on a previous note, I had to change the order of some words, but I assure you I didn’t left behind anything.


Title: 提督との絆 (teitoku/anata to no kizuna) (our bond with you / the admiral)
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Album: 艦娘想歌【弐】 KanColle Vocal Collection vol.2
Vocals: 金剛・比叡・榛名・霧島 (CV:東山奈央)[Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima (CV: Touyama Nao)
Lyrics: minatoku
Arrangement: Kaori Ohkoshi
Release Date: 08/03/2014
Source: Kantai Collection 艦これ

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

One thought on “[REQUEST] 金剛・比叡・榛名・霧島 【東山奈央】- 提督との絆”

  1. Thank you so much! I finally can understand what the song is about!

    *sniff sniff* It’s beautiful…. And it reminds me of my flagship Haruna.

    Once again, thank you! ^^

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