[REQUEST] A-HEAD – コモリウタ


【Requested by yAMAiNOS‏

(A-HEAD) arato – コモリウタ


meshiita usagi, yobigoe
kasureta nodo o furuwasete

The calling voice of the blinded rabbit.
It makes my dried up throat tremble


“oide yo, bokura no arisu
makka na ribon o mejirushi ni”

“Come forth, our Alice,
We’ll mark you with a red ribbon”

幼い迷子 森の奥
闇に浮かぶ 無数の瞳

osanai mayoigo mori no oku
yami ni ukabu musuu no me
tsuki ni terasare odoru kage ni

The shadow of a young stray child in the depths of the forest
Of the countless eyes floating in the darkness
Dances as it’s illuminated by the Moon.

絡み合わせた 薄氷

karamiawaseta aisuburuu

Entangled in a thin-ice blue…

幾重の銀糸巡らせ 手繰り、辿るは魔性の茶会
回れ廻れ何度でも 例え終焉が来なくとも

ikue no gin’ito megurase taguri, tadoru wa mashou no utage
maware maware nandodemo tatoe owari ga konaku to mo

Pulling and rolling up a repeating silver string which pursues a devilish banquet;
No matter what, it spins and spins again, even if it’ll come to an end…


akame no usagi, utagoe
kuzureta oto o tsumugasete

The calling voice of the red-eyed rabbit.
It makes me spin to that crumbling sound…


“odorou, bokura no arisu
gindokei ga tomaru made”

“Let’s dance, our Alice,
Until the silver clock stops.”


muku naru shoujo wa yume no naka
te ni wa kowareta orugooru
awase kagami ni utsuru kage ni

The girl which became pure is inside a dream
Where what lies in her hand is a broken music box
Reflecting its shadow into opposite mirrors…

囚われ融ける 薄氷

toraware tokeru aisuburuu

Caught inside a melting thin-ice blue…

伸ばした手と、手、触れ合い 足取り軽く踏み出すステップ
踊れ踊れ何処までも 例え夜明けが来なくとも

nobashita te to, te, fureai ashidori karuku fumidasu suteppu
odore odore doko made mo tatoe yoake ga konaku tomo

The hand I stretched and the hands we’re touching, A step forward towards that light trace;
Dance, dance wherever you want, even if the dawn won’t come ever again.


anten, hanten, owaranu yume
kokoro mitashita amai koe

An endless dream turning into darkness;
A sweet voice that fills up my heart…


“okaeri, watashi no arisu”

“Welcome home, my Alice..”


madoromi, kasumu yoru no mukou
fukaku, soko e to shizunde iku

On the other side of the hazy night, I take a nap
Sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss

幾重の銀糸操り 望んだ幻想はもう、すぐ傍に
薄く微笑んだ“茶会の主” 全ては彼女の思うまま

ikue no gin’ito ayatsuri nozonda sekai wa mou, sugu soba ni
usuku hohoenda “arisu” subete wa kanojo no omou mama

The world I wish to manipulate, a repeating silver string, is now by my side,
As her faint smile saying “Alice” is part of her thoughts

幾重の時を重ねて 愛しい少女はこの腕の中に
眠れ眠れ何時までも 目覚めの朝は二度と来ない

ikue no toki o kasanete itoshii nando wa kono ude no naka ni
nemure nemure itsu made mo mezame no asa wa nidoto konai

Piling up the repeating time, my dear young lady is now between my arms;
Sleep, sleep well as much as you want, for a morning when you will wake up won’t come again…


– As usual, thanksViolet for finding the lyrics for me!
– 涸れた (kasureta) is usually read as “kareta” instead. The meaning changes. “kareta” means “dry up” (which fits with the word “throat”), “kasureta” could also mean “crack” refering to a voice cracking. Being the meanings similar, I left its original meaning. Also, i kept the dot (。) separating the first two lines in the first stanza just as it does in the japanese lyrics.
– 薄氷 (aisuburuu) is a kira-kira reading of the word “hakuhyou”, meaning thin ice. It is read as “aisuburuu” which is a katakana version of the english word “Ice Blue”. I blended their meanings together into a single one.
– 茶会 (utage) meaning “banquet” – “feast” is wrote with different kanjis, the first for “tea” and the second for “meeting”. 茶会 is infact read as “chakai” meaning “tea party”, obviously referring to Alice in Wonderland. I left “banquet” because it was cooler. Yup. Just because of this.
– 終焉 (owari) should be read as “shuuen”. The meaning is the same, though.
– 面影 (kage) another strange reading, it should be read as “omokage”, which means “looks” rather than “kage” meaning “shadow”. Once again, I choose “kage” because it was cooler. And because it’s what the singer actually says.
– 暗転、反転 (anten hanten) that’s obviously a pun between those two similar words, but they have a similar meaning. “anten” means, putting its meaning in a sentence “when something turns dark / takes an unexpected (negative) outcome (usually for plays, shows, etc.)”, while “hanten” simply means “to inverte”, “to reverse”. I combined their meanings.
– 底 (soko) i translated it as “abyss” (which is not wrong), but “soko” means also “there”. Haven’t found nothing it could refer to, I left it as “abyss”, which was more stylish~ (?).
– 少女 (shoujo) at the end, could be pretty ambiguous. I left it as “young lady”, but it could be generally used to express the word “girl” or even the word “daughter”, leading to different song analysis. Let’s left this note here and keep the translation the way it is.


Title: コモリウタ (komoriuta) (lullaby)
Circle: A-HEAD
Album: 残響、彼岸過迄。(zankyou, higansu made) (echoes, until the equinox)
Vocals: arato
Lyrics: マカキセキ (makakiseki)
Arrangement: 秋時
Release Event: C83
Source: the Grimoire of Alice – Mystic Square, Alice 2nd Theme (extra)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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