[REQUEST] CLOCKWORKS TRACER – Eschatologia e.p. (Revelations, Day of Nemesis, Paradise Lost)

【This E.P. was requested by Eiki

Remember the previous double post from Shangri-La in Bloom? Brace yourself, the record has been beaten: Today’s post is a triple post!
Well, I got a whole E.P. requested, that means I have to post all the three songs in it, right? Why three posts, then?
I mean, lyrics are mostly in english and the third one is fully in english, let’s just post them all at once.
Let’s just split the three songs in three sections, and keep writing stuff there.
I’ll follow the E.P. Order: Revelations, Day of Nemesis and Paradise Lost.



First song is Revelations, an arrange from Faith is for Transient People.
You can hear a spectacular WheatherH in this. Damn, those high notes.
I also have to point out a thing in this section, but counts for the others too. Thanks to Alv for sending me the lyrics for this E.P.
Even though it was a request, I wanted to translate it myself, and I struggled a lot (without results) searching for its booklet online.
So thanks a lot!
I’d say that Revelations is my favourite from this E.P., and as I stated before, it’s probably due WeatherH’s amazing vocals.
Also, looks like CLOCKWORK TRACERS are going to be at the upcoming reitaisai. Good news! More stuff! Maybe I should change this wordpress’ name into something like “Clockwork Tracers and stuff”.



nigori kumoru sono manako ni
utsushita ayamachi ni kidzukazu
wazuka ni sasagu inori sura
onore no ashi de fuminijiru

I can’t notice the indiscrections reflected
In those turbid, hazy eyes;
If only I could offer my prayers a bit
I would crush you with my own feet.

You can only receive this revelation
Doomsday will come there

Can you hear the seventh trumpet sounding?
This is the retribution for fuckin’ breach


katakuna ni mimi o fusagi
sukui no te wa furi haraware
me o somuketa shinjitsu wa
kaigi to moushin no hazama

I shake off the hand of salvation
As voices stubbornly occupies my ears;
The truth that goes against my sight
Lies in the threshold of credulity and skepticism


sekai o oou saiyaku ni
tsuki wa kakete hoshi wa ochiyuku
saigo ni nokoru namida sae
jihi naki ame ga saratteiku

In the world covered by disasters
The moon lowers and the stars slowly die;
Even the tears that lasted until the end
Are being washed away by a merciless rain.


ryou no te ni kakaeta kibou mo zetsubou mo
kakera mo nokosazu kobore ochita

The hope and the despair held by both my arms
Scatter away without leaving not even a single fragment…

No one can save this world!!


hitomi tozashita sekai yo
nanimo kamo hajikete kiero
nana no sanbi ga michibiku
mikami no keiji o kono te ni

It’s a world that shut its eyes:
Everything will just burst open and disappear;
The seven glorifications will lead my way:
I’ll take this divine revelation with my hands!


– 己 (onore) it’s quite a fitting choice. It could mean both an old version for “oneself”, both first or second person, but also “snake”. You know, This is Sanae‘s theme, and she can rely to a certain snake…
…I wanted to point that out, but I choose not to add “snake” to my translation. I mean, snakes don’t have feet. Also, “my own feet” implies both her and the God’s feet, as if she’s invoking an entity. I left “my”, but it’s unclear whether it’s talking about her foot or her Gods’ foot.
– 頑なに耳を塞ぎ (katakuna ni mimi o fusagi) I translated this as “voices stubbornly occupies my ears”, while there’s no “voice” in this. That’s just because “stubbornly occupies my ears” doesn’t have neither a subject or a sense. So, what fills one’s ears? Obviously voices, thoughts, callings. I just added it because it’s implied.
– 堕ち逝く (ochiyuku) means “to fall”, but in this song it’s written with different kanjis. 逝く (yuku) which should mean “to go”, means “to die”, so that’s how I translated it. The same pun on the workd “iku” was made on a certain Touhou theme
– 七の賛美 (nana no sanbi) “the seven glorifications”. I’m sorry, but not even japanese wikipedia can tell me what the hell those are… Just thought of them as “religious stuff”. Yeah. That works.


Title: Revelations
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 11
Source: 信仰は儚き人間の為に (Faith is for Transient People) – Mountain of Faith, Sanae Kochiya’s Theme




Compared to the previous one, Day of Nemesis is way more strong and kind of violent in terms of rhythm.
Actually, the whole E.P. is like a stairway that becomes more and more aggressive as it goes on, at least that’s what I felt listening to it.
Also, again in my opinion, the songs are also ordered fitting to my tastes.
Revelations, than this, than the other. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the other two, I just placed them in order.
Anyway, Day of Nemesis is one heck of a good arrange from Fate of Sixty Years.
A thing that always catches my attention (and makes my heart go dokidoki) is when arrangers put the Theme of Eastern Story inside their arranges, just like ZUN would do. That’s amazing and it totally fits with the Touhou spirit.
You can hear a guitar riff of Theme of Eastern Story around 1:33 on this song.
I love CLOCKWORK TRACERS also for this little thing. That’s not the first time they add it to another unrelated song! Way to go, Yapan!


Don’t look away and take that, you bastard!!

Unjust offense, injurious oppression
Suffering you gave arrests and don’t leave me
Never forget, the time to revenge will come


narihibiku houfuku no kane no ne
shinri to jouri no shin o

The sound of the reverbering bell of retribution
Announces the judgement of truth and reason!


nanimokamo kowareru sono mae ni
tachiagari sakebu koe no kagiri
hanate kono omoi

Just before destroying anything and everything
Release this desire of yours
And stand until your screaming voice runs out.

Remorse is lost
Remorse is fuckin’ lost


真理と条理の審を 今

naritomanu houfuku no kane no ne
shinri to jouri no shin o ima

The sound of the unceasing bell of retribution
Announces now the judgement of truth and reason!

正義を手にして 放てこの想い

nanimo kamo kuzureru sono mae ni
tachi agari kesshite make wa shinai
seigi o te ni shite hanate kono omoi

Just before demolishing anything and everything
I’ll stand up and grasp the justice firmly
So I’ll set free my wish to never lose!


– First and second stanza could be related, because the first one ends with “wo”, without a verb. I used “announce” because if it was meant to be a stand-alone stanza, then it means the verb is omitted because obvious.
– On the first stanza there’s what seems to be a pun. The word 真理 (shinri) meaning “truth” has the same pronunciation as the word 審理 (shinri), meaning “trial”, “judgement”. You know, we’re talking about Eiki-sama.
– As you noticed, the subject changes from the second japanese stanza to the fourth. That’s because there’s nothing that points out who’s the subject. In other words, while the meaning stays the same, the subject could probably change according to the way one reads the lyrics.


Title: Day of Nemesis
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 11
Source: 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years (Eastern Judgment of the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years) – Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Eiki Shiki’s Theme




So, last one from this post is a full-Yapan full-english song.
It’s an arrange from Yoshika‘s Theme, Rigid Paradise, a theme which I can’t even listen to anymore without thinking of indians dancing to Michael Jackson‘s Thriller‘s indian ripoff. And I’m talking about THIS.
Anyway, let’s play a game.
Do not read the lyrics and open the link to listen to this song, then try to write down what you hear.
Now that you’re finished, compare the two lyrics sheet and enjoy!
(just kidding I love Yapan and his engrish and this song and CLOCKWORK TRACERS and WheaterH which doesn’t even sing in this song and everyone and pizza and the smell of dry rain and whatdafaqamIeventyping)
Also, I think that might be the most fitting pic I’ve ever found for a post. I mean, seriously. It’s like it was made just for this song!
And that concludes Eschatologia E.P., but doesn’t conclude CLOCKWORK TRACERS, of course.


That’s enough to talk pompously
Can we just drop this bullshit?
What you’ve built up is false immortality, fuck it all!!

Forbidden fruits, sweet temptation
Evil wisdom tempts with a luscious talk
Transient fame tastes like a fortune
Bridge to the paradise was burned forever

Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost

Banishment from unspoken ethic and understandings
Punishment from unbroken lyrics and musics
Now what? Next you’re about to live on youthful gifts
Who the hell do you think you are?

Wake up right now!!

Break shit!!

Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost
One more fuck!!
Could never take it back
Exile like the paradise lost

What you’ve built up is false immortality, destroy and fuck it all!!

Paradise fuckin’ lost


Title: Paradise Lost
Album: Eschatologia e.p.
Vocals: Yapan
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 11
Source: リジットパラダイス (Rigid Paradise) – Ten Desires, Yoshika Miyako’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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