[REQUEST] Zero Sound – Lost


【Requested by Andersen Lim

Looks like I’m getting tons of Kancolle requests. And that’s nice too, even though I’m mainly a terminal touhoulic.
Today’s song is Lost, from the same album of Blue Rise!, a previous kancolle-request post.
This is actually an arrange from one of my favourite Kancolle’s themes, and I really like it.
I should thank Violet and her friedworld for having it already romanized, or else it could have take me lots of time (I never stopped fighting against katakana)!

Zero Sound – Lost


nan no tame, dare no tame ni umarete
ikite yuku no ka nante
dare ga oshiete kureru no?
dareka oshiete…

For what reason, for whose sake was I born?
And the reason of my existence…
Who could tell me what is it?
Someone, tell me…

夜の帳が下り 静寂が包んで
漂い堕ちてゆく 海の底へ

yoru no tobari ga ori seijaku ga tsutsunde
tadayoi ochite yuku umi no soko e

The night’s curtain lowers, wrapping in silence
The bottom of the sea where I float as I fall…

大破れてく艦艇は やがて軋み崩れ

kowareteku karada wa yagate kishimi kuzure
wasuresararete yuku matsuro na no ne

My breaking body is soon going to collapse in creaks;
Looks like my destiny is going to be being left behind…


nido to kaeru koto mo au koto mo dekinai no

…Without being able to come back home or meet you again one more time…

沈む意識の中 最後まで残ってた
あの感情の名は 何と謂ふのかしら?
生まれた意味 生きてゆく哀しみ
分かち合える慶び 全て手放し

shizumu ishiki no naka saigo made nokotteta
ano kanjou no na wa nan to iu no kashira?
dareka oshiete…
umareta imi ikite yuku kanashimi
wakachiaeru yorokobi subete tebanashi
watashi wa kieteku no ne

I wonder what was the name of that feeling that was left
Until the very end inside my sinking consciousness?
Someone, tell me…
The meaning of my birth, the suffering of leading a life,
The happiness we shared… everything slips away from my grasp;
I’m disappearing, am I?

轟沈れてく艦艇は もはや崩れ朽ちて

kowareteku karada wa mohaya kuzure ochite
sekai mo mihanashite rosuto suru no

My broken body is already sinking down
I’m disappearing, abandoning the world…


tooku kikoeru no wa natsukashii nami no oto

What I can hear from far away is the nostalgic sound of waves…

歪む意識の中 最後まで残ってた
朽ちてゆく大儀 信じる正義別ツ魂の価値

yugamu ishiki no naka saigo made nokotteta
ano kanjou no na wa nanto iu no kashira?
dareka oshiete…
kuchite yuku taigi shinjiru seigi wakatsu tamashii no omosa
tenbin ni kaketa tsumi wa dare ga ou no

I wonder what was the name of that feeling that was left
Until the very end inside my straining consciousness?
Someone, tell me…
All the hard work rotting away, the weight of my soul parted from rightousness…
Who should go after the weight of a sin one has to commit?


usure yuku ishiki no naka de
kono sekai ni tsuyoku tsunagitomete shibaritsukeru
kusari ga mieta ki ga shita

In the midst of my fading consciousness
I’m strongly tying myself up to this world:
I felt like I saw the chains of my regrets…

嗚呼、生マレタ意味 イキテユク哀シミ
分カチ合エル慶ビ 全テ手放シ

aa, umareta imi ikite yuku kanashimi
wakachiaeru yorokobi subete tebanashi
watashi wa kiete yuku no ne

Aah, the reason of my birth, the grief of living,
The happiness we shared, everything slips away from my grasp;
I’m disappearing, am I?

ワタシハ ナンノタメニ ウマレタノ
ナニガ タダシカッタノ
ダレノ タメニ クチテユクノ
ネエ オシエテ

watashi wa nan no tame ni umareta no
nani ga tadashikatta no
dare no tame ni kuchite yuku no
nee oshiete

Just for what sake was I born?
What was truthful in my life?
For whose sake am I rusting away?
Please… Tell me…


– 大破れてく (kowareteku) is wrote in a different way, where the kanji of big (大) is used. It implies that the ship took a massive damage.
– 艦艇 (kantei) which means “war ship” is read as “karada”, meaning “body”, in the same sentence of the previous note. This is also repeated onwards.
– 謂ふ (iu) is the exactly same thing as the modern 言う, the main difference is that it uses a different kanji and archaic kana (fu), which was read as “u” back on the classic japanese days. Kancolle arranges = classical japanese / difficult language, for some reason.
– 轟沈 (gouchin) same thing as before. It says “kowareteku”, but it’s written as “gouchin”, meaning “instantly sunk”. I originally wanted to add a picture of Taihou because of this, but couldn’t find one I liked, so… you know, I really like Hibiki.
– I also used a lot of “rotting away” instead of “rusting away”. The way they’re wrote should be more “rot” than “rust”, but keep in mind that you could read any “rot” as “rust”. It’s a metaphor! (<-*trying to justify his mistakes*)
– 消失する (rosutosuru) is actually read as "shoushitsusuru", meaning "to disappear". Maybe the rosuto is the world "lost" in english..? However, I choose to keep its original kanjis meaning.
– 価値 is read as "omosa" (weight) instead of "kachi" (value). I kept "weight". Also, I'd like to explain this sentence. In the point of sinking (aka dying), the ship is thinking about her status as a warship, thus "parting away from what's right/justice", being a machine born for the sole sake of killing.
– 未練 (miren) which means "regret" is read as 鎖 (kusari), meaning "chains". I combined their meanings in my translation.
– The song's lyrics slowly fades into katakana because they symbolize how the sunken ship is becoming an abyssal, the enemy specie which speaks in katakana in Kancolle.


Title: Lost
Album: 艦娘海戦歌 (kanmusu kaisen uta) (Kanmusu’s war battle song)
Vocals: みぃ(GET IN THE RING)
Lyrics: uco(ヒメゴト。)
Arrangement: Kenji(Ash)
Release Event: C85
Source: 「全艦娘突撃!」 (Kantai Collection)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

4 thoughts on “[REQUEST] Zero Sound – Lost”

  1. Katakana usually used for “alien” languages. Probably suggesting the abyssal fleet, since their lines are in katakana for the most part.

      1. Perhaps, she’s turning into an abyssal ship. There were speculations that shipgirls turn into abyssal after sinking.

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