TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ


My personalfavourite TUMENECO arrange, and one of the touhou-related song I love the most overall! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

TUMENECO – らせんのゆめ


itsuka kono sekai no dokoka de
tonari au rasen no yume

Someday, somewhere in this world,
A spiraling dream of us sitting side by side…


nakushita hitomi o sagasu kuroi tabibito
mienakunatta hoshizora o saguri ateru you ni

As if a black dressed traveler searching for his lost eyes
Finds out about the starry night’s sky he couldn’t see…


mienai yami e to te o nobasu

Reaching out his hand towards the unseen darkness…


moshi mo kono sekai no dokoka de
mou ichido deaeru nara
nandodemo kurikaesou
wasureenu rasen no yume o

If I could meet you one more time
Somewhere inside this world,
I’ll repeat it infinitely,
That unforgettable spiraling dream…


mienai kokoro o sagasu kuroi tabibito
wasureteshimatta nanika o tsukamitoreru you ni

As if a black dressed traveler searching for his invisible heart
Grasps something he ended up forgetting…


kieyuku hikari e te o nobasu

Reaching out his hand towards a vanishing light…


moshi mo kono sekai no dokoka ni
kakusareta doa ga areba
abakidashi yoru o kakeru
ano koro no “bokura” wa “futari” de

If somewhere inside this world
There lies a concealed door,
I’d open it and haste towards the night.
I want to continue to be “us”,

また 幻想で出会えるなら

itsumo itsumademo tsudzuiteku
genjitsu o kurikaeshite
mata yume de deaeru nara
mou ichido rasen no yume o

,The “two of us” from that time, forever,
Always repeating our reality;
If we could meet up inside an illusory dream,
I want it to be that spiraling dream again…


ochiteiku ochiteiku
nemuri e to ochite iku

Falling down, falling down,
Ascending into a sleep;


dokomade mo dokomade mo
modorenai shin’en ni

Aywhere, anywhere,
Towards an abyss from where I can’t return;


nando demo nando demo
todoku made te o nobashi

I’ll outstretch my hand for any number of times,
Until it will reach you;


taisetsu na kataware o
mou nido to hanasanai you ni
futari de

In order not to part again
From my precious counterpart…
We, together…


mitsuketa utsutsu no yume o tsunagu tabibito
tagai no futatsu no kakera o mazeawaseru you ni

As if a traveler who found a reality and his own dreams
Would connect each other the two fragments together…


tsukanda sono te o hanasanai

…Don’t let go of the hand you’re holding.


itsuka kono sekai no dokoka ni
kakusareta doa o akete
kimi to mata yoru o kakeru
itsumade mo “bokura” wa “futari” de

If someday we’ll open that concealed door
Hiding somewhere inside this world,
I’d haste towards the night again, with you,
Because that “we” means “the two of us”.


moshi mo kono sekai ga horobite
futari mata hikisaite mo
nandode mo mitsukeru kara
sono hi made rasen no yume o

Even if this world would perish,
Even if we’ll be separated again…
Let’s keep having that spiraling dream again
Until the day I’ll find you again.


– 黒い旅人 (kuroi tabibito) means “black traveler”. I found it… well, not so fitting, so I opted for “black-dressed traveler”. But that’s not the remarkable thing. What should be underlined is that “kuroi” could mean also “sinner”, or “impure”, or “dark”, or “guilty”. In other words, it implies someone holding grudges or sins, someone who’s not “white”, meaning who’s not “pure”, “good”. No racism intended. That’s something Eiki Shiki taught me.
– 暴き出し (abakidashi) could mean a lot of things, such as “expose a crime” or “dig up proof of a crime”. Being the object of this sentence a door, it’s obvious meant to be “open (to reveal what’s beyond it)”.
– あの頃の”僕ら”は”二人”で (ano koro no bokura wa futari de…) I just wanted to point out that while the stanza ending this way is separated from its following stanza, they’re linked and are sung in sequence in the song.
– that’s why there’s a comma before that sentence. It’s linked to the previous stanza. Also, last part of the previous stanza appears on this stanza’s translation, and same goes for the first line from this stanza, appearing in the previous one (due sentence order).
– 幻想 in the stanza that starts where the stanza before it ends with “futari”, is read as “yume” (dream) even if it should be read as “gensou” (illusion, fantasy). Thus, my translation.
– 堕ちていく (ochiteiku) is wrote in two different ways. First one being 落ちていく, next one being 堕ちていく. The first one means “to fall”, the second one means “to ascend”. Nice, huh?
– 何度でも見つけるから その日まで螺旋の夢を (last stanza, last two lines). Those are two simple sentences, but I couldn’t find the proper way to translate them without making the resulting sentence shorter than the equator.
I translated them as “Let’s keep having that spiraling dream again until the day I’ll find you again.”, and it’s the most fitting thing I could find, but it actually should be literally translated as this: “Because I’ll find you for any number of times it could get, keep having that spiraling dream until that day comes”. Also, there’s no verb after “yume o”, so it could both be “let’s have” or “have (you). The subject too is not specified and could both be Mary / Renko or Mary/Renko.


Title: らせんのゆめ (rasen no yume) (spiraling dream)
Album: らせんのゆめ (rasen no yume)
Vocals: Yukina
Lyrics: ななつめ (nanatsume)
Arrangement: tomoya / h.tatuki
Release Event: Touhou Kouroumu 8
Source: イザナギオブジェクト (Izanagi Object) – Neo-traditionalism of Japan track 6

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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