I guess I really can’t pick a single ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY‘s song and state without an inch of doubt “That’s my favourite one”. Because they’re almost all amazing. Let’s say it this way: I have LOTS of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY favourite songs. And 慟哭の杜 is one of them. And I don’t really know why I delayed its translation that much.
Well, I think this wafuu section of ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY songs is the best. I mean, the japanese-styled songs by them are the one I like the most… This one, 待宵姫, とおりゃんせ… I think they should stick more with oriental-themed song, because they’re all really good at it.



ao fukaki kami no mori
nubatama no yo wa fuke
uku tsuki no sayakeshi ya
yo na yo na to sasageshi wa

In the deep green forest of Gods
The pitch-black night grows late;
Night after night, I offer myself
To the brightness of the floating moon.


keshite mou ae wa shinai
kimi e utau uta o

I’ll sing a song to you,
Whom I’ll surely won’t be able to meet again…

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayamete toki o ubau

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning
Takes away the time of my memories, without letting me breathe…


kuchihateta sai no kami
kurenai no iro utsushi
chihayaburu wade o shite
hararira to yawasukimi

The decayed Sai no Kami*
Reflects into a crimson colour;
The red autumn leaves gently
Falls peacefully on me.

理も 何もかも

kotowari mo nani mo kamo
kirisaite yukeba

There could be any reason to anything,
If you go tearing everything up to pieces…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れただろう
届かぬまま 焦がれ叫んだ

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta darou
dore hodo ni motometa darou ka
todokanu mama kogare sakenda

Aah, I wonder if I protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine?
For how much long do I have to seek for you?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll scream as I burn.

いつか交わした言葉 指切り 約束-ちぎり-
“とわにまもるよ” なんて
なんと馬鹿げた誓い 解けて 融けて

itsuka kawashita kotoba yubikiri chigiri
“towa ni mamoru yo” nante
nanto bakageta chikai hodokete tokete
– kimi wa inai –

“I’ll protect you in the eternity”, those
Words we promised each other with our little fingers…
This absurd promise loosened and come untied,
– because you’re not here-

この聲-こえ-も 猛る哀しさも
呼吸さえも 殺め続ける

kono koe mo takeru kanashisa mo
naku koto sae kanawanu mama ni
yaki tsuita hai no koukei ga
kokyuu sae mo ayametsudzukeru

As I won’t be granted to cry
To that voice and my raging sadness,
That scenery of ashes left burning…
Aahh… It keeps blocking my breath…

その聲も 震える身体も
この手で 嗚呼 守れたならば
届かぬまま 焦がれ焦がれて

sono koe mo furueru karada mo
kono te de aa mamoreta naraba
dore hodo ni negatta darou ka
todokanu mama kogare kogarete

Aah, if I had protected that voice
And that trembling body with this hand of mine,
Just how much should I have prayed to grant it?
While I can’t reach you, I’ll burn, I’ll burn
I’ll let out a cry…


– 翠深き (ao fukaki) the first kanji is usually read as “midori”, meaning “green”, but in this song is read as “ao”, meaning blue. In Japan, there’s a strange relationship between the word “blue” and “green”. For example, while japanese stoplights are green, they’re called “ao”. Thus, even if it says “ao fukaki”, it’s translated as “deep green” instead of “deep blue”. I mean, it’s pretty obvious since it’s talking about a forest, right?
– 射干玉 (nubatama) is both the name of a flower with deep dark seeds and a word for describing a pitch black darkness. I used “pitch-black” because I don’t know the name of that flower in english (and it would feel weird). ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s genius just reached level 100.
– 聲 (koe) is an old, nowadays rare way to write 声, the modern kanji for “voice”.
– 記憶 (toki) in this song, this word is read as “toki”, meaning “time”. While, normally, this is read as “kioku”, meaning memories. I used them both because I found them more fitting. You know, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY always f*cks up kanji’s readings. And I love them.
* 塞の神 (sai no kami) well, this means “traveler’s guardian deity”. It’s some God watching over travelers. I left this untouched, “Sai no Kami”. After all, it’s a name.
– 千早振る (chihayaburu) As far as I remember from my japanese philology studies, while it normally is read as “chihayafuru”, this could also be read as “chihayaburu”. I keep hearing “bu” instead of “fu”, so I used “chihayaburu”. Mind that they’re both correct anyways, and they mean the same thing.
– 指切り (yubikiri) In Japan, promises are made my linking two people’s little finger. In Italy we do that too, but not knowing if the rest of the world does this too, I wanted to point that out.
– 約束 (chigiri) just like the previous note, this word is normally read as “yakusoku”, meaning “promise”. Here, it is read as “chigiri”, which means “vow”, “pledge”, and “promise” too, but in a more aulic way. As if you’re making a promise to yourself / some spiritual entity rather than with another person.
– 吼える (hoeru) means “to bark” or “to cry”, and it’s mostly used for animals. Could that mean that this song’s actually what happens inside the mind of a…?


Title: 慟哭の杜 (doukoku no mori) (the forest of wailing)
Album: 童怪奇譚 (doyokitan)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Release Event: C84
Source: Original

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I'm a 23 y.o. italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating japanese music lyrics (Touhou / doujin / indie / etc) and Gaki no Tsukai clips (worked with Team Gaki too). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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  4. Yuki says:

    Can you please translate absolute castaway lost nostalgia?

    • Added to the list, got lyrics?
      Booklet scans will do the job too.
      If you don’t I’ll try search for them myself, but I’m giving priority to the other requests I’ve been provided the lyrics.

  5. Hatsune says:

    Thank you so so much for adding all these absolute castaway songs! I am a huge fan of this group, and sometimes I have problems finding the lyrics, but your web is fantastic!! Again, thank you!

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