A lot of time has passed since the last ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY post.
This song is amazing. Just by listening to it, I feel like standing atop a mountain in which lies a Shinto Shrine.
The whole song seems to be based off “tooryanse“, a traditional Japanese children’s tune that dates back to Edo period, just like the (probably) more famous “kagome-kagome“.
The world itself, 通りゃんせ, is an archaic form of the modern 通りなさい (toorinasai), where “通る” means “to pass”, and in that form it means “You may go in”, or “You may enter”.
In my translation, I decided to use both of them, being “tooryanse” repeated a lot. I didn’t want to end up being repetitive. I wonder why ABSOLUTE CASTAWAYS’ songs seem to always talk about departed mothers. That’s sad.
Did I already say that I love this song?



hitotsu tsunde wa haha no tame to
kayoi aruita kono hyaku no hibi

A pile for the sake of mother, and
Those hundred of days walked back and front…


dokomademo tsudzuku akatorii
ranpu o tayori ni arukimasu

Red torii continues in every direction,
As I walk, relying on my lamp

こーん こーん

koon koon


dareka ga hito o uramu you ni
ichizuna omoide susumimasu

With a steadily though, as if someone
bears a grudge to people, I move forward.

優しい顔した かかさまに

yasashii kao shita kakasama ni
mo ichido awasete kudasaimase

I beg thee,
Let me meet once more
The gentle face of my mother…

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせぇ

tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryansee

“you may go in, you may enter”,
I sing to myself,
“you may go in, you may enter,
You may go in, you may enter”…


kono negai o ten made

Let this wish pass
Until it reaches the heavens…


otenki ame ni michibikarete
tadori tsuita kitsune no odou

Guided by the sunshower,
I finally arrive at the fox’s temple


sukoshi yasumasete kudasai na
okitsune sama wa waratta

Won’t you please let me rest for a while?
The venerable fox laughed.

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ
とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせぇ

kon kon kon
tooryanse tooryanse tooryanse
kocchi ni oide
tooryanse tooryanse
tooryanse tooryansee

kon kon kon
“you may go in, you may enter, you may enter”
Come forth…
“you may go in, you may enter,
You may go in, you may enter”…

わたしを連れて 何処へ

watashi o tsurete doko e

Let me go in
In the place you’re leading me into…

目隠し鬼よ 何処へ行く
手手をひくのは 誰かしら
此処は何処 わたしはだぁれ?

mekakushi oni yo doko e iku
tete o hiku no wa dare kashira
koko wa doko watashi wa daare?

Where did the blindfolded demon go?
I wonder who’s the one who got out?
Where am I? Who am I?

とおりゃんせ とおりゃんせ

tooryanse tooryanse

“you may go in, you may enter”,
I sing to myself,
“you may go in, you may enter”-


kitsune no omen ga waratteru

The fox-mask is laughing…

わたしを連れて 何処へ

watashi o trurete doko e

Let me go in
In the place you’re leading me into…


– 積んで (tsunde) at the beginning. The verb itself (tsumu) means “to pile up”, “to stack”, and while it appears in this form, it doesn’t tell us much of what it could mean. Probably, saying “for mother’s sake”, it could mean the rocks that, in japanese tradition, are piled up one over another as a memento for the deceased.
– 赤鳥居 (akatorii), Red Torii. Toriis are those reddish columns which sorrounds Shinto Shrines.
– ランプを頼り (ranpu ni tayori), “relying on my lamp”. I don’t know if the meaning I wanted it to have is described well in this way. I meant to say “I rely on my lamp (as I walk in the darkness, among the red Torii)”.
– こーんこーん (koon koon). Onomatopeia for ringing bells / gongs. It’s also the onomatopeia for the foxes’ cry. Coincidence? I left it untranslated.
– かかさま (kakasama) ~ 下さいませ (kudasaimase) mean “mother” and “please”, but in a very ancient / aulic form. I tried my best.
– 狐のお面 (kitsune no omen) Fox mask. I mean, those typical japanese fox masks you probably saw in every matsuri.


Title: とおりゃんせ (tooryanse) (you may pass)
Album: 童怪奇譚 (Doukai Kitan)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: 黒川うみ (Kurokawa Umi)
Arrangement: Kyoya Hashimoto
Release Event: M3-20
Source: Original


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I'm a 23 y.o. italian guy, I have a degree in japanese language & culture and I'm currently advancing in my studies. I love music but I'm too self-destructive to attempt to produce it myself. Sometimes I gaze at my shoes and think it's a nice genre. Mainly translating japanese music lyrics (Touhou / doujin / indie / etc) and Gaki no Tsukai clips (worked with Team Gaki too). 宜しくお願いしマスタースパーク。
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