CLOCKWORK TRACER – Everlasting [S]tory


Second post from Shangri-La in Bloom by CLOCKWORK TRACER, Everlasting [S]tory.
I think that this one and the other one I already translated (Drowning Emotion has a short-lived Dream -Rebloom-) are my two favourite songs from this album. But I still can’t figure out which I like more.
This song is mostly in english (or engrish, if you would) and it’s awesome. I really love Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind, and I think it’s one of the best Touhou theme ever composed.
For some reason, its arrange are always pretty good. I loved arranges of this theme such as Four Seasons of Loneliness, 夢と現の摩天楼 or 蓮華花火, but Everlasting [S]tory, is still the one I like the most between them.
It perfectly fits with Byakuren‘s character’s background and story, and also with Unidentified Fantastic Object‘s vibe overall. Did I also mention that UFO is one of the Touhou game I love the most? I think it’s one of the few chapters to be perfectly complete: awesome OSTs, nice characters, good story, amazing atmosphere. It’s still battling between my other two favourite chapters: Imperishable Night and Double Dealing Character.
Oh, and yeah, in some part of this song you can also hear Fires of Hokkai, UFO’s stage 6 theme!
As I stated on the other post, I’d really like to make more people know this circle (and this album) because it’s really good and pretty unknown. Also, Yapan sent me the lyrics from the booklet for free, gently answering to my email. He’s amazing.
Oh and, listen to WeatherH‘s vocal on this track. She can hit some real high notes and has a voice that could send chills down the spine of the best hard rock singers out there. It’s just amazing.

CLOCKWORK TRACER – Everlasting [S]tory

Fuckin’ turn this page to change the world
Fuckin’ get back the feeling over the sky (x2)

The prologue ends!
There’s full of warm light
It’s like an awakening from the eternal slumber

sepia ni irodzuku omoide ga mune o shimetsukeru
anata wa imademo onaji yume o miteiru no?

Memories painted in sepia-color tightens my chest;
Are you still having that same dream from back than?

醒めない眠りの中で 遙かな旅の続きを
永遠に変わらない空の下で 歩き出す

samenai nemuri no naka de harukana tabi no tsudzuki o
towa ni kawaranai sora no shita de arukidasu

Inside my wakeless sleep, I’ll keep walking to continue
That distant voyage, under the eternal unchanging sky…

It’s my precious dream across the universe
This isn’t the “Last sweet romance”
There’s no fuckin’ god!

Your betrayal left behind the deep wound that day
Where is a salvation from this abyss? Where is the best answer?
The monologue only vanished into chaos
This story will go on until the happy ending

Now is the time to enter the next chapter!

yaburisuteta kako de sae mo aiseru you ni
Now is the time to enter the next chapter!

Even in that tore-apart past, as if I’m loved…
Now is the time to enter the next chapter!

崩れ去った理想も 流れ落ちた涙さえ
全てが今この胸の中に 溢れてる
醒めない眠りの中で 遙かな旅の続きを
永遠に変わらない空の下で 歩き出す

kuzuresatta risou mo nagareochita namida sae
subete ga ima kono mune no naka ni afureteru
samenai nemuri no naka de harukana tabi no tsudzuki o
towa ni kawaranai sora no shita de arukidasu
hatenaki Story

Even collapsed ideals, even tears running down,
Right now, everything is overflowing from inside my heart!
Inside my wakeless sleep, I’ll keep walking to continue
That distant voyage, under the eternal unchanging sky…
An everlasting story…


– “Dream from back than” at the beginning of the translated part… actually there’s no “from back than”. But it clearly says 今でも(imademo) meaning “even now”. So it’s pretty obvious is talking about something that used to be there before, thus I think “from back than” is perfectly fine.
– 胸 (mune) appears in two stanzas, the first and the last. This word can mean “chest” as well as “heart” (also tits, huehuehu). In the first stanza, I prefered to leave “chest”, being the verb “thighten” way more fitting imho. On the last stanza, I prefered to use “heart”, being more emotive and talking about reminescences. I think it’s more appropriate.


Title: Everlasting [S]tory
Album: Shangri-La in Bloom
Vocals: WeatherH, Yapan (screams)
Lyrics: Yapan
Arrangement: Yapan
Release Event: Reitaisai 10
Source: 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind (Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind), Unidentified Fantastic Object, Byakuren Hijiri’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

8 thoughts on “CLOCKWORK TRACER – Everlasting [S]tory”

  1. Yay, finally found another Clockworks Tracer fan ❤ Could you please translate more from this album? Especially This is Who I am, Anamnesia and Anthem (For the Fallen Affection). Big thanks in advance!

    1. Yay! A Clockworks Tracer fan! Highfive!
      Anyway, I’m planning on translating the whole album, so yes! I just don’t want to make a serie of Shangri-la in Bloom posts (or things’ll get boring), so I’ll translate new songs from this album along with other songs from other circles! Keep an eye to this blog, because I’ll translate them all eventually!

  2. Hey!! First of all, thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for this one since i don’t even know when anymore, i’d also like to make a request for The Anonymous Song, which is also Shangri-la in Bloom, and my personal favorite Oversupplied ❤ Thank you so much friend.

    1. Hello there! I really apreciate this! And don’t worry, Shangri-La in Bloom will be completed very soon, is just a matter of time! So… keep an eye to this blog, because I’ll post the other remaining songs’ lyrics as soon as possible!

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