[REQUEST] Automata Girl – Hide and Secret


【Requested by Bolt Cranck‏

Thanks to Violet for sharing its lyrics! Be sure to check her Fried World! C:
So, that’s a song I’ve never heard about, from a CD I’ve never heard about. But, once again, Violet told me that the whole album is a sort of alternative universe in which we have Touhou character in Taisho Era (I guess that explains the way the lyrics are written). Each song is dedicated to a certain Touhou character, and it would have been really hard to figure out the romaji (because the way they’re written is in ancient japanese, and they don’t match with the pronunciation they show) if it wasn’t for Violet that helped me by sending me also a “normal” version of the lyrics. You earned my complete gratitude(/devotion) once again!
I must say, there are lots of difficult words and sentences with meanings I’m not sure I was able to grasp. It was pretty hard to translate this one, it could probably be the hardest song I’ve translated to this day.
Also, I’m not really one of those touhou doujin music experts. I used to be fan of circles that kinda died or disappeared, but never actually listened to every CD out from each Comiket or such. So, it’s always nice to know new circles. Never heard of Automata Girl before, for example. Though I did knew Ranko from other circles such as Butaotome or Sally.

Automata Girl (Ranko) – Hide and Secret

氣附かなひでせう 野郎風情

kidzukanai deshou yarou fuzei
anzuredo hoka ni fuchi mo nashi
izaya intabyuu
michidzure wa aware onboro kyamera to deku no inu kou

Can’t you notice it? This rascal taste
Apart from anxiety, there’s no other brink.
And now, an interview
My fellow companions are a worn-out sorrowful camera and dog puppet…

「妾を隠して見へなくして(Hide me and secret.)」

hide me and secret
saisoku gougai o tsukamitoraneba

Hide me and secret,
If you’ll manage to catch the fastest newspaper extra!

截裂き しとゝ射つ 夜を暴くのさ
謂れ無ひ流言はデマゴギヰ 騙されるな
此の筆先辿るは只 真実

nemetsuku sen no me to tentousama o kai kugutte
kirisakishi toto utsu yoru o abaku no sa
iwarenai ryuugen wa demagogii damasereruna
kono fudesaki tadoru wa tada shinjitsu

Slipping through thousand of glaring eyes and the Sun itself,
I’ll attack and tear to pieces the violent night!
A demagogue won’t be fooled by unfounded, groundless rumors
For what this tip of brush follows is only the truth!


yoiyami ni tsudou karasu no you ni

Congregating at dusk, just like a crow…

竟に到着 闇の底 白日の下へ曝出せ
振反れば憐れ地を這ふ 然らばだ永久のイヌ公

tsui ni touchaku yami no soko hakujitsu no moto e sarake dase
izaya esukeepu
furi kaereba aware chi o hau sarabada towa no inu kou

I finally expose myself to the broad daylight, after being in deep darkness.
And now, an escape;
And as I look back… farewell, pitiful eternally crawling dog puppets…

「妾を決して捜さなひで(Hide me and not seek.)」
「ペンは剣よりも強し(Fight with a sword of pen.)」

“hide me and not seek”
yari busu man nado shiga ni mo kakenu hodo
“fight with a sword of pen.”
muragaru shisha ni wa kami no sabaki o!

“Hide me and not seek”
I do not care about things such as a front rear of spears
“Fight with a sword of pen.”
For when emissaries reunite, only God can judge them!

今こそ羽撃き 夜を駆けるのさ
詐り 謀り 渾て燒附けろ

matsuwaru sen no ya to enmasama o kai kugutte
ima koso habataki yoru o kakeru no sa
kitan’nai houdou wa kono te de kasume toru mono
itsuwari tabakari subete yakitsukero

Slipping through thousands of homing arrows and Enma himself
Now is the time to spread my wings and chase after the night!
What I robbed with my hand is a false report:
Falsehood, scheming… I’ll set them all to fire!


yoiyami ni warau karasu no you ni

Like a crow, laughing at dusk…

泪零れ 其れでも勝撮る事が遺された者としての
「否、自力で生還しました(Came back by myself.)」

namida kobore soredemo kachi toru koto ga nokosareta mono to shite no
“came back by myself”
onna no sadame deshou

I’m spilling tears, but I must win this fight
As it’s the only thing that’s left
“Came back by myself”
It’s a woman’s destiny, right?

貫き しとゝ射つ 夜を暴くのさ
逃得ぬ 誰彼厭はず此の窓は写出す

neme tsuku sen no me to tentousama o kai kugutte
tsuranuki shi toto utsu yoru o abaku no sa
nogareenu darekare itowazu kono mado wa utsushidasu
hontou no seigi no ari ka o

Slipping through thousand of glaring eyes and the Sun itself,
I’ll attack and pass through the violent night!
This window reflects how anybody can’t escape without hating someone:
Will I know if there’s a real justice?

然らば 孰れ亦見える日迄

saraba izure mata mamieru hi made
yoiyami ni tokeru karasu no you ni

And so, another time, until I’ll face it again
I’ll melt into dusk, just like a crow.


– You may noticed that there’s no romaji for the kanji part right before the sentences inside the digressions. That’s because no one says that. They’re just the japanese translation for the world inside the digressions. Not being part of the lyrics, I decided not to add them in romaji.
– Not much to say about that. I just wanted to humiliate myself saying that I first translated “izaya” as “Isaiah”. Because, according to dictionaries, it means only that. And I’m stupid.
– Enma-sama is the judge of hell from japanese’s folklore. Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu is an Enma. There are several things in this song that makes me think that it could be both an Aya or Eiki song. But being an arrange from Wind God Girl, I guess I’ll stick to Aya.
– On the second to last stanza, there’s a WO を at the end of it. This could lead to tons of meanings, because it has no verb. So, technically, the word “know” doesn’t appear in the original text, but it’s most likely the word which fits the most in the context.


Title: Hide and Secret
Circle: Automata Girl
Album: 櫻雨キネマトグラフ ~大正壹佰年奇譚~ (Sakuraame Cinématographe ~Taishou Ippyakunen Kitan~ )
Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: 飴野はるつみ (Ameno Harutsumi)
Arrangement: 飴野ヲルカ (Ameno Oruka)
Release Event: C83
Source: 風神少女 (Wind God Girl), Shoot the Bullet, Stage 5 Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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