[REQUEST] Team Nekokan – オワタ\(^o^)/エイジア


【Requested by Vital‏

Today’s request is オワタ\(^o^)/エイジア by nyanyannya (I guess?), a song that reminded me a lot (for its vocals, maybe) of Can’t beat Airman by team nekokan (and will probably turn out the singer is the same EDIT: Yup, he is).
By the way. Let’s point some things out before posting the lyrics for this song, being the biggest part of the premise notes for this song. I did some research in order to try to figure out WHAT THE HELL was that jinsei owata that the song keeps saying every 5 seconds. And I found it’s actually a meme from 2channel, a japanese image board (aka the japanese 4chan). jinsei means “life”, while “owata” could be mimicking the word “owatta” meaning “over”. So, it could possibly mean “life = over” and that happy emoji makes the fun part, being happy in despite of the depressive sentence. You could read it as “My life is over” everytime is written as “jinsei owata”, but I kept it like that because it sounded more funny.
Yaranaio? A meme too. You know, those ASCII art characters on japanese image boards…
It also seems that there’s a game name “jinsei owata dai bouken” (which also appears in this song) which seems to be a collection of 2ch memes made into a rage game such as Syobon Action (Cat Mario), and this songs makes a lot of references to it, such as that “somersault” at the end, which probably is refering to a certain part of the game (which I tried and couldn’t go past level 2 lol). Looks like the whole game and meme dates back to 2009, though. Pretty old, huh? Anyways, being a meme I decided to keep “jinsei owata” like this everytime it appears in the lyrics. Same goes for every other time there’s the word “owata”. I decided to keep it like that. Not that the lyrics would made sense if there was a meaning behind it, though.
Another thing, “orettsue” refers to another japanese meme, involving the word for “ore” (me, used by males) and “ttsue”, a modified version of “tsuyoi” (meaning strong). The result is having something that instead of “I’m strong” sounds kinda like “IMMAHSTRONGZZ!!” or something like that. I can’t really understand japanese memes, but it appears that that’s the meaning behind that “orettsue”. I translated it as “THA BEAST” to keep the slang-ish language.
Also, that “Jinsei Owatta, Canada is Ottawa” pun… I have no words for it and for this song overall. But I must say it made me laugh a lot!

(Team Nekokan) nyanyannya – オワタ\(^o^)/エイジア

人生オワタ…… きれいなオワタ……

jinsei owata… kireina owata…

Jinsei owata… beautifully owata…


jinsei owata \(^o^)/ chekkumeito
kongetsu mo yachin haraetenai yo
owata \(^o^)/ ude oreta
warau shikanai yo hahhahhaa…

Jinsei owata! \(^o^)/ checkmate!
I’m not paying for my rent not even this month!
owata! \(^o^)/ I broke my arm
Can’t do anything but laugh, hahaha…

絶好調らしい金運 (おばちゃんが占う)

zekkouchourashii kin’un (obachan ga uranau)
shiharai no toki ni wa saifu nakunatteta

An economy fortune seeming in perfect form!
(that’s what the old lady is forecasting)
But I’ve lost my wallet just on the payment day!

ピークだった小4のころ 後は駄々下がり

piiku datta shouyon no koro ato wa dada sagari
bunsuu ga dekizu bunkei ni nigeta no ga machigai datta no ka?

My peak was reached during 4th grade,
After that, a decline into refractoriness
Couldn’t do fractions and ran away from social sciences classes:
Was it a fatal error?

人生オワタ\(^o^)/ 履歴書の
オワタ 面接官 やらない夫に見えて噴き出した

jinsei owata \(^o^)/ rirekisho no
kuuhaku no ninen tsukkomaretanda
owata mensetsukan yaranaio ni miete fukidashita

Jinsei owata! \(^o^)/ I’m being interrogated
About the 2 blank years in my curriculum vitae!
Owata! And I burst into laughter, seeing that interviewer looking like Yaranaio!

返された成績表 下から三番目

kaesareta seisekihyou shita kara sanbanme
yarikonda geemu sofuto zenbu hanmaa de warareta

On the result sheet I got back, I’m third… from the bottom,
And so I smash that game software I put my will in with a hammer!

痛すぎだった中二のころ オタにひた走り

itasugi datta chuuni no koro ota ni hita hashiri
are wa tada no e da to kidzukenakatta no ga machigai dattanda

They hurt too much, the years of middle school,
While I gradually tended toward being a Geek
Not realizing that that was just a picture…
It was a huge mistake


jinsei owata \(^o^)/ kanada wa otawa

Jinsei owata! Canada is Ottawa!

人生オワタ\(^o^)/ 踏み外した
オワタ オンライン オレツエーだったよはっは~

jinsei owata \(^o^)/ fumihazushita
nokotta no wa haijin akaunto
owata onrain oretsuee datta yo hahha~

Jinsei owata! \(^o^)/ I lost my track
What’s left is only my MMO account
Owata! I was THA BEAST online! hahahah~


jinsei owata \(^o^)/

Jinsei owata! \(^o^)/

人生オワタ\(^o^)/ ぶっこ抜いた
オワタ 会計のときお札が子供銀行

jinsei owata \(^o^)/ bukkonuita
kanjin no tsumikomi machigaeteru
owata kaikei no toki osatsu ga kodomo ginkou

Jinsei owata! \(^o^)/ A mistake!
Wrong stacking almost made me die!
Owata! When I had to pay, I only had monopoly money!

オワタ 快速乗って致命的におなか痛い

jinsei owata \(^o^)/ shiken no hi
benkyoushitete no ga chigau kyouka
owata kaisoku notte chimeiteki ni onaka itai

Jinsei owata \(^o^)/ On the day of my exam
What I’ve been studying was a different subject!
Owata! As I got on the train, I got a fatal stomachache!


owata \(^o^)/
ironna owata

Owata! \(^o^)/
A lot of owata!

オワタ\(^o^)/ 生きてこそ

jinsei owata \(^o^)/ no daibouken
konkai mo yarareru samaasoruto
owata \(^o^)/ ikitekoso
warau shika nai yo hahhahha…

The great adventure of jinsei owata! \(^o^)/
This time I got beaten at that somersault
Owata! \(^o^)/ I’ll live for sure
For I can’t do anything but laugh, hahaha…


Title: オワタ\(^o^)/エイジア (Asia \(^o^)/ over)
Circle: Team Nekokan
Album: 東方海鮮飯店 (Touhou Kaisen Hanten) (Touhou Seafood Hotel)
Vocals: nyanyannya
Lyrics: nyanyannya
Arrangement: —
Release Year: 2010
Source: プレインエイジア (Plain Asia), Imperishable Night, Keine Kamishirasawa’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

2 thoughts on “[REQUEST] Team Nekokan – オワタ\(^o^)/エイジア”

  1. Oh! Thank you so much!!! I had no idea there was a video about it on Youtube. I knew it would be a weird song but I wasn’t expecting it to be filled with this much randomness.

    Your translations are much appreciated, I’ve already said this but thank you!

    1. I found it hilarious!
      Also, I found out about the video just when I tried searching for the song on youtube to leave the link… And that was hilarious too!
      Thanks to you, again!

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