Empire Ensemble – 愛しさの果てに


It’s been a long time since last Kancolle post.
One of the first kancolle-arrange album I’ve listened to (most likely THE first) is 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru), of which I’ve already translated more than a month ago another track, 君は進む.
If that was the track I liked the most out of this CD, 愛しさの果てに (aishisa no hate ni) surely comes right after it.
As you probably already figured out, I love Nakae Mitsuki, singer from the circle I’m trying to spreading around as much as possible, ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY.
Her voice perfectly fits for this song.
Also, there are songs which one can understand its lyrics even without reading them. That’s not the case of this song.
Truth is, it’s like its stanzas dosn’t exist at all. It’s quite difficult to keep up with the vocals while reading it, because it has a messed up rhythm that, oddly enough, it’s not bad at all.
I think it’s also one of the most mysterious song from this album.
Its lyrics are so sweet they don’t seem to fit in a fast-paced song. And on top of that, its rhythm is quite cheerful despite its lyrics being not quite the same.
The mystery is that everything strangely works fine.
Also, as a pic for this post I decided to display Tatsuta because she also appears in the booklet’s lyrics’ page for this song. And Tenryuu too, of course.
Nothing else to say, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

(Empire Ensemble) Nakae Mitsuki – 愛しさの果てに

いつもの部屋の風景 景色

mioboe no aru sekai
itsumo no heya no fuukei keshiki
kurikaesu kono sekai
tonari ni wa yasashii anata

A world that I clearly remember
The landscape, that scenery from the usual room…
This world, that repeats itself,
Made you, so gentle, by my side

そして編成 近代化改修

itsu kara darou
soshite hensei kindaika kaishuu
anata to mata soko ni

I wonder since when?
And then organizations, modernizations, improvements
Once again, in that place, with you

進撃 退却 そして傷つきけがされ

ikue ni mo kasanaru kako to mirai
shingeki taikyaku soshite kizutsukike ga sare

Even if it repeats, our piled up past and future
Attacks, withdrawals, and than our pain that goes away

またそして私は行く あなたとの暖かさを感じて
貫かれたからだ ひとやすみ
ぶつかっていく 砕かれても壊れず
この意思はけして 壊れずにまっすぐに

mata soshite watashi wa yuku anata to no atatakasa o kanjite
tsuranakareta karada hitoyasumi
butsukatteiku kudakaretemo kowarezu
kono ishi wa keshite kowarezu ni massugu ni

After that, I’ll go again, feeling the warmth coming from you
A rest for my pierced body
Even if I’d collide and be smashed, without breaking
My purpose will proceed forward, without breaking

いつからだろう それに気がつく

itsu kara darou sore ni ki ga tsuku
mata anata to tomo ni
anata to futari tsukaeru you ni kaihatsu suru no

I wonder since when… and then I realize
I’m together with you, again
I feel like I’m growing, when we’re used together as one

幾重にも連なった かち まけ
小破 中破 大破 轟沈

ikue ni mo tsuranatta kachi make
shouha chuuha taiha gouchin

Repeated continuous victories and losses
Small, medium and heavy damages, ships sinking instantly

また私は逝く あなたの優しさ感じて
壊されたからだ ひとやすみするのは深い海のした
ぶつかっていく 砕かれても壊れず

mata watashi wa iku anata no yasashisa kanjite
kowasareta karada hitoyasumi suru no wa fukai umi no shita
butsukatteiku kudakaretemo kowarezu

I’m dying again, I’m feeling your warmth
What can give a rest for my destroyed body is the bottom of a deep sea
Even if I’d collide and be smashed, without breaking…


anata o kanjite

…I’m feeling you


Title: 愛しさの果てに (aishisa no hate ni) (To the end of love)
Circle: Empire Ensemble
Album: 陽はまた昇る (you wa mata noboru) (The Sun Rises Again)
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Shachi
Arrangement: TOM
Release Event: C85
Source: Kantai Collection (艦これ) – Equip Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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