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Minstrel – ミックスオードブル

ヨスガノソラ 君と見てた
そらいろ みずいろ そこに海があって

yosuga no sora kimi to miteta
sorairo mizuiro soko ni umi ga atte
sono keshiki no mukougawa ni
chiafuru! na ashita ga matteru yo

I was watching the sky of connection with you
A light-sky-blue sea was right there
On the opposite side of this scenery
A cheerful tomorrow is waiting for us!

Tick!Tack! そっとくれた そよかぜのおくりもの
Fairly Life 誓おう この青空に約束を

Tick!Tack! sottokureta soyokaze no okurimono
Fairly Life chikaou kono aoisora ni yakusoku o

Tick! Tack! Quietly, a gentle breeze delivered us a present
Let’s swear a promise of a fair life to the blue sky!

信じているよ 絆という名のペンダント
Really?にReally! に大好き Realize me
はるのあしおと もうすぐそこまで来てるから
キラ☆キラ 光る 明日を探して with Flyable Heart

shinjiteiru yo kizuna to iu na no pendanto
Really? ni Really! ni daisuki Realize me
haru no ashioto mou sugu soko made kiteru kara
kira☆kira hikaru asu o sagashite with Flyable Heart

I believe in that pendant called “bond”
Realize me, I really, really like you!
Spring’s footsteps’ sound are almost coming there
So, let’s search that sparkling☆dazzling tomorrow with a flyable heart!

さかあがりハリケーン 掴むんだ
ハニカミLike HoneyComing Life
power of will が Sugar+Spice

hekondemo SHUFFLE!
sakaagari harikeen tsukamunda
hanikami Like HoneyComing Life
power of will ga Sugar+Spice
karafuru wisshu todoke
sunaoni donburi kanjou

Even if I’d be overwhelmed, SHUFFLE!
I seized that hurricane approaching me
Embarassed, like honeycoming life
No fate!
Power of will is Sugar+Spice!
Please, reach someone, my colorful wish!
A sincere sloppy accounting!

Always おかね色に染まる坂 駆けていこう
Scallet 急ごう 早く帰らなきゃ

Always okane iro ni somaru saka kakete ikou
Scallet isogou hayaku kaeranakya
yoru ga kuru!

A slope always dyed in the color of money is now over
Hurry, Scallet, You have to go home!
The night is coming!

ここまでのSTEP これからも続くSTEADY
なんだかんだ でも大好き like Star Mine Girl
そしたら今日は 何を話そう? Kiss on my deity

koko made no STEP korekara mo tsuzuku STEADY
nandakanda demo daisuki like Star Mine Girl
ano hoshizora e kakatteru hashi made ikou
soshitara kyou wa nani o hanasou? Kiss on my deity

The steps I made until now, will make me move from now on too, STEADY!
One thing or another, but I like you, like Star Mine Girl
Let’s go towards that bridge built in the starry sky
And then, what should we talk about today? Kiss on my deity

To heart
天紡ぐ祝詞の声 君の声に
共鳴した世界は 夜明け前より瑠璃色に

To heart
amatsumugu norito no koe kimi no koe ni
kyoumeishita sekai wa yoake mae yori ruri iro ni

To heart
A prayer in the heavens, your voice resounds
Making the world the color of lapis lazuli, more than the dawn did

走っていくよ 青空の見える丘まで
君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘でPure Cureはびねす!
キラ☆キラ光る 明日を探して

hashitteikuyo aozora no mieri oka made
kimi ga yobu, megido no oka de Pure Cure hapinesu!
korekara saki mo owari naki onritsu o kanadeyou
kira☆kira hikaru asu o sagashite

Let’s run to a hill where we can see the blue sky!
You called me, a pure cure happiness from Megiddo hill!
From now on, let’s dance to the rhythm without an end
And search for that sparkling☆dazzling tomorrow

のーふぇいと! だから今日も祈る

tamashii ga fate furuedashite tomaranai yo
sore wa maichiru sakura no you ni
noo feito! dakara kyou mo inoru
ashita wa kitto, haremasu you ni

It’s impossible to stop the fate of our souls from trembling
It’s just like tha dancing falling cherry trees’ leaves
No fate! So, I’ll pray even today
For tomorrow will surely be


– Looks like this song plays puns over an eroge game, so I’ve kinda missed its meaning, probably. Also, I also love this kind of japanese music, and I don’t think they’re stupid songs at all!
– In the booklet there’s a part wrote as “really? ni really?”, but the song actually says “hontou ni? hontou”, which, however, means the same thing.
At the end, it says “tamashii furuedashite tomaranai yo”, but 反響 is actually read as “hankyou”, not “furueru”.
– Also, same thing goes when it says “音律” (onritsu), meaning rhythm. In this section I can hear the singer saying another word instead of it, but I couldn’t manage to figure out what she says, and that’s probably the only loss.
– Last thing, “Megiddo” in the second-to-last stanza is the name of a tell created b-  just read its Wikipedia entry if you want to know more.


Title: ミックスオードブル (mikkusu oodoburu – Mix Hors D’Oeuvre)
Circle: Minstrel
Album: 夜伽話の神隠し (Yotogibanashi no Kamikakushi)
Vocals: LIQU@
Lyrics: ソシボン島田 (Soshibon Shimada)
Arrangement: yuta
Release Event: C80
Source: 恋色マスタースパーク (Love-Colored Master Spark), Imperishable Night, Marisa Kirisame’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

7 thoughts on “[REQUEST] Minstrel – ミックスオードブル”

  1. You know what? Based on these English words on the lyrics, I suspected that it could turn out that way, so I had my hopes =P
    And yeah, I love the rhytm of the song, it’s very cheerful!
    Thanks a lot for your translation and your notes before it, you made my day!

  2. 本当によくあることだから気持ちはわからんでもないが、ちゃんと意味があるよ。一応。ギャルゲーのタイトルですよ。恋い色なだけに。

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