There were few songs I wanted to give a prior translation, but due the fact they’ve been already translated by someone else, their priority kinda died. Though, it doesn’t mean that I’ll post my own version someday.
Anyway, one of this wordpress priority is to let the world know about ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY.
You probably have seen this name in every comiket topic or spreadsheet, but never actually tried to listen to them. Because they’re neither Touhou nor Kancolle nor anything else. Just original songs.
As I stated on previous posts, I like them, though I can’t say I love them as much as I love other bands (RIP Foreground Eclipse). And as I already stated (part 2), in their CD there’s always an outstanding song, even if sometimes there are way too many songs that are easy to forget and overly plain.
So, I’ll probably start with translating random songs from their CDs, the one I like the most.
I won’t focus on ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, but I think it’s a good thing to give them the space they do deserve.
From their album Cielo Azul, one of my personal favourites track is surely 世界が嫌いなキミへ, and I don’t really know why. I remember before its full release, a short version of it was released first, and I listened to it until my ears started bleeding. I liked it a lot.
This and other few ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s song needs to be in my wordpress, and I hope some visitors would at least try to give them a try. Trust me, they’re good.


それがキミの口癖 キミの

-konna sekai nante daikirai-
-konna sekai kowarereba ii-
sore ga kimi no kuchiguse kimi no kyosei
ikiru koto o kobande, kobami kirenai

“I hate this world so much”
“I should just destroy this world”
That’s your favorite phrase, your deceit
Refusing to live is not refusing at all

それがボクの本心 ボクの戯れ言

-dakedo bokura koko de deaeta-
-konna sekai dakedo kimi ga iru-
sore ga boku no honshin boku no zaregoto
ikiru koto o ukeire, hokori ni omou

“But we meet just there”
“You’re the only one in this world”
Those are my real feelings, my prank
I think we should be proud of accepting our lives


tsumetai ame ga furitsudzuku naka de
tsunaida te dake ga moeru you ni atsui

In the midst of the implacable rain
The hand I’m holding is the only burning hot thing


hitomi kara koboreta namida wa dare ni muketa mono?
kanashimi mo kurushimi mo itami mo ken’o mo
jibun kara jibun e mukereba dare mo kidzukanai to?
yasashisa to herikutsu de gomakasanaide yo

The tear flowing from your eyes, who is directed to?
Sadness, pain, sorrow and hate
If you point those from yourself to yourself, who’s going to notice them?
Don’t fail to recognize gentleness for sophism.


kokoro kara tsumuida kotoba wa kimi ni todokanai
oitachi mo kachikan mo kotonaru bokura demo
yorikakari sasaete issho ni ikite ikeru hazu da
doushitara sono akumu kara nigedaseru kana

Words sent by the heart cannot reach you
Even we, with our history and our values being different
Leaning together, giving us support, should live together
But just how can we escape from such nightmare?

それがキミの逃げ方 キミの悪癖

-konna sekai nanka daikirai-
-konna watashi shinjaeba ii-
sore ga kimi no nigekata kimi no akuheki
shinu yuuki mo nai no ni, kurikaeshi iu

-I hate this world so much-
-It would be good if I’d drop dead-
That’s your way to escape reality, your bad habit
You keep repeating that, even if you don’t have the courage to die


-dakedo bokura aisareteru yo-
…hokademo nai, kono sekai ni.

-But we’re loved-
…That’s what I want to say, in this world.


buatsui kumo ni ouwareta sora
karada o hataite katari kkaketekuru yo

The sky, covered in thick clouds
Seems to speak so loud it hits my body


akumu kara afureta kodoku to yami ni makenai de
itsukushimi hohoende ai o ukeirete
ningen no subete ga yasashii hito ja nai keredo
tomodachi de itai kara shinjite hoshiinda

I won’t lose to the darkness and loneliness overflowing from my nightmares
I’ll accept the love of this affectionate smile
Not every single human can be considered a gentle person
But because I want to be with my friends, I want you to believe that.


ikiteite iinda, kimi ni ha ikiteite hoshii
kowakutemo tachimukaeru hazu da kimi naraba
ningan no subete ga yasashii hito ja nai keredo
machigainaku kimi wa yasashii hito dakara

It’s good to live, I want you to live
If it’s you, even if afraid, you should be able to oppose to your fears
Not every single human can be considered a gentle person
But there’s no doubt that you’re a gentle person, so…


Title: 世界が嫌いなキミへ (sekai ga kiraina kimi e) (to you, who hate the world)
Album: Cielo Azul
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C82
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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    1. That’s ok! I’ll start working on it as soon as I have time. Make sure to keep an eye on this wordpress or my twitter account, so you’ll know right away when the translation is ready!

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