And here I am, again with another ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY track from Nazokake Alice: Queen of Hearts.
Everytime I’m translating a new Absolute Castaway song, I have to face the problem of upload, because you can’t find almost anything of them on youtube. Not this time. I don’t want to upload this song on my channel.
Mainly because I don’t find it worth the risk of copyright infringement.
Alice in Wonderland, not my thing to be honest.
As for the lyrics… Alice stuff. Well, what do you expect? The title says it loud and clear.
Also, I like to point out that I absolutely (lol) hate ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY for using kanjis that no one knows about / unrelated kanjis with fictional readings.
[2017 edit: freshly translator me didn’t know nothing yet…]
It must happen something like that when they’re writing the lyrics:
“Here, I want to talk about the sea in this verse. Should I write the kanji for “sea”?”
“No no, wait, try to write the kanji for “mouse”, the one for “vinegar”, the one for “bankrupt” and the one for “moose who lost a leg during a battle” all together, and give them the reading for the kanji of sea!”

Also, the picture I used here is from the album cover. Couldn’t find anything more fitting, I’m sorry.



akai akai michi no saki ni sobieru bara to toge no jouheki
mon wa hiraki, koe ga hibiki hokori takaki shinri ga hajimaru
arayuru toga ni sabaki o

Before the deep red street, castle walls of soaring roses and thorns
The gate is open, voices are resounding, the proudest trial is beginning
It’ll judge everyone by reprimand


haato no houtei

The courtroom of hearts

時告げる彼女こそOur Queen of hearts

toki tsugeru kanojo koso our queen of hearts
watashi to onaji kao de kanojo ga hohoemu
anata wa dare?

It’s surely her, our Queen of heartsm that will decide the time
As she smile, with a face like mine,
“Who are you?”


haato ni kizanda arisu no zaijou
shinpan wa kudaru
saa ima sugu ni kubi o!

Alice’s sins are engraved in her heart
The trial is closed
Now, I’ll make your head—!


subete wa kono watashi no mono, bara mo ai mo hito mo kubi sae mo
sore o nusumi kowashi kegashi… tsukinu shounin wa mou kore made
ima hanketsu o kudasou

Everything is mine, roses too, love too, people too, even their heads
I can steal them, break them, corrupt them… we run out of witnesses
Now, I’ll give your judgement


iwarenaki tsumi koso ga shinjitsu?
shougendai de hitori kioku o himotoku
watashi wa dare?

Are my unjustified sins really the truth?
No one can even recollect a memory of an evidence
Just who am I?


kono te de karameru arisu no shinzou
shinpan o kudasu
saa ima sugu ni kubi o!

With this hand, entangling Alice’s heart,
I declare the trial over
Now, I’ll make your head—!


haato ni kizanda
anata no kyouki ga watashi wo mushibamu
sore ga watashi no shinjitsu

It’s engraved in you heart
I’m hiding your madness
That’s my truth


haato ni kizanda
watashi no kyouki ga omae ni kasu batsu
ima futatabi no danzai

It’s engraved in my heart
My madness is a punishment you inflicted me
Now, once more a guilt


muzai no koe ga hibiku
shikashi daremo inai
arisu no yume wa sameru

The voice of innocence is echoing
But no one’s there
Alice wakes up from her dream


– “I’ll make your head–!” In the japanese lyrics it says “kubi o”, without any verb. Obviously, is implied something like “I’ll make your head roll out from your body!”. The Queen of Hearts beheaded whoever goes against her, remember?
– The part between the golden hearts () are sung together with two different voices.
– When they say “kyouki” in the part within the hearts (), one is wrote as “madness”, the other as “dangerous weapon”. But, frankly, I couldn’t fit “dangerous weapon” in my translation, so I decided to leave it this way.
Okay, I’m sorry. Lyrics, please!


Title: Queen of Hearts
Album: 謎掛アリス (nazokake arisu) (Alice’s riddle)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C87
Source: Original


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