Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Any More


Here’s a song that dates back on 2009 (to me, it’s still hard to realize that 6 years has already passed since then…) that I personally like a lot.
Released on Reitaisai 6 as the 8th track in the album Rebirth by Unlucky Morpheus, No Grudge Any More is by far my personal favourite amongst Reincarnation‘s arranges.
Now, let’s spend a word or two on Mima, which this song seems to be talking about (more like, it kinda feels like Mima is singing it).
I do like her as a character, but, though I always joke about that, I really think it would be great if she would come back in a future Touhou game.
She had a great theme and before the Windows Era, she was one of the main characters from this serie.
Not to mention that she was also Marisa‘s master, and while this one is still in the new games, Mima disappeared, forgotten even by ZUN, creator of Touhou itself.
I’m not saying that I want her back in a game, I’d just feel glad if ZUN would show us a sign, something that makes us understand that he hasn’t forgot her. Like, I don’t know, a cameo, maybe? A reference? Something? I would be happy just by that.
Anyways, he’ll never bring her back because fans are annoying and keep claiming her in a game as if it’s necessary for the Touhou Franchise. Meh.
Anyway, back on track, this song, like I said before, sounds as if Mima is the one talking, and it’s pretty obvious when it comes to statements like “I am the God of Hakurei“, being an entity (evil spirit) which wandered in that Shrine.
The song itself seems to scream “we want Mima back”, or “don’t forget about her”, but it’s made in a way you grow liking Mima as a character.
Show us a sign, ZUN!
As a last note, I’ve found a really interesting thing about this song’s melody.
Search on youtube the song southern cross by 403 forbiddena (the one used in the popular flash-short Nightmare City. Aren’t they a little too much similar? Though, this one is better, mainly due it’s vocal and being fully in japanese, while the other being sung in a horrible engRish.

Unlucky Morpheus – No Grudge Any More


inishie yori tsumugu tamagaki ni
yashiro wa fujou no kokoro o kakaeta

Roaming around the fence of the Shrine since ancient times,
I’ve carried the impurities of the Shrine’s heart


kuon no yume o miru tama no o wa
raise o matazu ni katachi o todomete

The thread of life, endlessy dreaming,
Blocks its form, without waiting for the next world


haruka ni kakenuketa toki o kaerimite hohoemu
urami o yosuga ni kono chi ni shigamitsuite
akuryou to yobu nara shindemo yurusanai
ware wa Hakurei no kami

I smile, looking back the distant time I ran through,
Clinging on the ground where I’m reminded of my grudge
I won’t forgive you even if you’d die, if you call me “Evil Spirit”
For I am the God of Hakurei.


aisuru mono to yuku nagaki yo wa
kegareta kokoro o shizuka ni tokashita

The everlasting world I’ve travelled with the ones I love
Silently melted away my corrupted heart.


haruka ni sugisatta toki wa amari ni mo hakanai
natsukashii ano hi ni tashika ni watashi ga ita
tatoe mienakutemo ima wa hanareteitemo
aeru toki ga kuru kara

The distant time that passed away it’s not so transient;
I surely was there, on that nostalgic day.
Even if you can’t see me, even if we’ll be separated
The day we’ll meet again will come.


sen no yume no shirabe eikou no kuon o kanadete

Searching amongst thousands of dreams, playing the everlasting song of glory!


haruka ni kakenuketa toki o kaerimite hohoemu
urami o yosuga ni kono chi ni shigamitsuite
watashi wo wasuretara shindemo yurusanai
ware wa gensou no tami

I smile, looking back the distant time I ran through,
Clinging on the ground where I’m reminded of my grudge
If you’ll forget about me, I won’t forgive you even if you’d die
I am the Nation of Illusions.


tatoe mienakutemo ima wa hanareteitemo
kitto aeru hi ga kuru kara

Even if you can’t see me, even if we’ll be separated
The day we’ll meet again will surely come….


– 精神 is read “Seishin”, meaning “Spirit”, but it’s pronounced as “Kokoro” meaning “Heart” (though Kokoro can also be a metaphor for “spirit” too.)
– 魂の緒 is read “Tama no o”, based on 玉の緒 “Tama no o”, same reading but the first kanji is different. The second, the correct one, means “Thread of life”, the one used this song, places the kanji “tamashii” meaning “soul” instead of the one of “tama”, simply meaning “ball, sphere”.
– 容貌 is read “Katachi”, while it appears to sound like that only if the first kanji is removed. The word in this way can be read as “Youbou”, and could mean “Vision”.
– 時代 is read “jidai” and means “Period”, “Era”, but the song reads it as if the second kanji it’s not there, leaving “toki” meaning “time” alone.
– 時間, once again, is read “jikan”, meaning “period of time”, but as before, the second kanji is not read, leaving “toki” meaning “time” alone again.
– “The nation of illusions” wrote as “Gensou no Tami” could probably referring to Gensokyo itself.


Title: No Grudge Any More
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Rebirth
Vocals: Fuki
Lyrics: Fuki
Arrangement: Yuki
Release Event: Reitaisai 6
Source: Reincarnation, Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, Mima’s Theme

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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