Register6 – ずっと


First of all, thanks to Violet for sending me a picture of this song’s scans from the booklet.
Last track from 久遠ノ夢路 by Register6, ずっと, an original song based on Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami, characters from Touhou Project (not an arrange of an actual theme, though)
And my favourite track from the whole album. And probably one of my favourite song from this circle.
I like to think the male voice as Renko and the female one as Mary (Maryrenko is love, Maryrenko is life), even though the lyrics are not always separated between male and female vocalist.
I really love this song and its lyrics, hope you’ll enjoy them as well!

Register6 – ずっと


kimi to sagashi ni yukou te o totte fumidasu yo

I’m going to search for it with you; holding our hands, we step forward!


aru hizashi no tsuyoi hi ni itsumo no futari
mukai no kimi wa tachiagari odoroku watashi ni itta

We were like always, on that day when sunlight was strong
From the other side, you stood up and told me with surprise


“hoshizora o mi ni yukou fushigi ga matteru kara!”
kushakusha ni hokoronda egao de te o totta ne

“Let’s go watch the starry sky, because wonders are waiting!”
You took my hand with that crumpled open smile of yours, remember?


machiawase no gozen niji watashi wa hidori
iidashita kimi wa aikawarazu chikoku o suru
warubireru soburi mo nai kimi ni tameiki
watashi wa muboubina kimi no hoo o tsuneru

Our meeting place, at 2 P.M., a fixed date
You tried to break the ice, being late as always
I sigh to your manner, feeling not even an inch of shame
And so, I pinch your cheek as you were defenseless


mawaru mawaru mokuba no you ni
meguri meguru keshiki o futari de miteitai

Spinning and spinning around, like a merry-go-round
How I wish to be watching this spinning landscape with you…


tatoe itsuka hanarebanare ni
naru to shitteiyou to

Even if we know that someday
We’ll get separated…


kimi to sagashi ni yukou fushigi ga matteru kara
iroaseru koto no nai omoide o kizandeku

I’m going to search for it with you, because wonders are waiting!
I’m carving memories of things whose color will never fade…


zutto zutto zutto futari de
zutto zutto zutto kono mama

always, always, always, me and you
always, always, always, just like this





– On the booklet, I couldn’t really read (or could really hear) whether it was ひとり (hitori) or ひどり (hidori). They both made sense, one being “alone” (waiting for the partner to come to the meeting place?) and the other being “fixed date” (which I believe made more sense than “alone”). I choosed the second because of its meaning and because I kept hearing hiDOri more than hiTOri.
– “You took my hand with that crumpled open smile, remember?” there’s no “remember”, but that “ne” at the end of the sentence is usually attached to sentences in order to have a function such as rhetorical question. So, I though “remember?” was good enough to fit in the translation.
– 木馬 (mokuba) translates as “wooden horse”, but it’s not clear if it’s talking about a merry go round or something else. Being the merry-go-round printed behind the lyrics’ page on the booklet, I think it made more sense to place “merry-go-round” instead of a vague “wooden horse”
– I couldn’t choose between translating “zutto” as “always” and “forever”, so I decided to use both.
– Also, The last stanza is repeated more than one time, and I added another stanza with the last “zutto” which is not included in the booklet. Because I felt like doing so.


Title: ずっと (always / all the way)
Circle: Register6
Album: 久遠ノ夢路 (kuon no yumeji) (dreaming of eternity)
Vocals: mIsAkI and オカヒラ (okahira)
Lyrics: オカヒラ (okahira)
Arrangement: ロー (roo)
Release Event: Reitaisai 9
Source: Original track, based on the Sealing Club (Touhou)

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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