Everytime a new ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY album’s announcement pops out for a comiket, I’m always there, waiting for its official release.
You could say I’m a fan, but in fact, it’s not really like that.
I enjoyed pretty much every album from this circle, and that’s not the first time I’m translating a song by them.
Though, I always know that when I listen to an ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY album, only one song from it is really going to be worth the wait.
It has (almost) always been like that.
I’m not saying that I don’t like them, but I can say for sure that only one song per album is really outstanding, when the others, good or bad, are nothing remarkable, in my opinion.
TRUTH is the song from their latest album, Nazokake Alice, that, in my personal opinion, stands out more than the others.
The whole album seems to be related somehow to Alice in Wonderland‘s universe, which I must say I found pretty cliché and outmoded.
This is probably the only song which you can hear without thinking about Lewis Carroll‘s work (giving that other song from the same album also had titles that refers to the novel, such as Queen of Hearts or ANTICLOCK TEA-PARTY).


暗い廊下は果てなく 頼れる存在もなくて

kurai michi wa hate naku tayoreru mono mo nakute
tada mae e to ho o susumeta
kuragari no sukima kara fuan ni karame torare
korobanu you furikaerazu

The dark road has no end, there’s nothing to rely on
I can only take steps forward
I get entangled by uneasiness in a crack in the darkness
I can’t turn back, in order not to fall

岐路に立ち 迷う背に ふと響いた視えない声

shinsou made no kyori o oshiete
kiro ni tachi mayou se ni futo hibiita mienai koe

As I lay on a crossroad, losing my directions an invisible voice resounds…
Teach me the distance to the truth…

自問自答 自問自答 正解<こたえ>は何処にある?
「何も失わず 得られる行き先<みち>はない」
『傷つくその度 強くなれる』なんてウソ

nani o motometa no? doko e ikitai no?
jimonjitou jimonjitou kotae wa doko ni aru?
“nanimo ushinawazu erareru michi wa nai”
nante uso
keredo, kitto, itsuka, douka…

What did you seek? Where do you want to go?
You keep questioning yourself, where’s the answer?
“There’s no way to live without losing anything”, was a lie.
But, I’m sure, sometime, somehow…

それでも尚 声は響く
疑いの眼差しを 虚空へ廻らせても

anata wa ittai dare? koe no aruji wa mienai
soredemo nao koe wa hibiku
utagai no manazashi o kokuu e megurasetemo
usui emi ga kodamasu dake

Just who are you? I can’t see owner of this voice
Yet, a voice is still echoing
Even if I let the glimpses of doubt revolve in the empty sky
Only a pale smile has been deceived


“shinsou made orite kite goran.
mou ichido kangaete. omoidashite. nani ga hoshii…?”

“Try to go deep down the depths
Think again. Remember. What do you seek…?”

何を求めれば 何処へ向かったなら
右往左往 右往左往 真実<こたえ>は在ったのに
視えないフリをした 捜すフリもした
知るのが怖くて 傷つくことを恐れて

nani o motomereba doko e mukatta nara
uousaou uousaou kotae wa atta no ni
mienai furi wo shita sagasu furi mo shita
shiru no ga kowakute kizutsuku koto mo osorete
zutto, soba ni, atta no ni ne.

Even if you seek for some place you’re directed to,
Running in circles again and again, even if there was an answer
Pretending not to see, even pretending to searching it
Knowing it scares, being hurt scares too
It was by my side since so long, right?


“kimi dake no basho wa, sou. muishiki no saki ni aru.
kimi ga nozomi nagara mo, toozaketa sono saki ni. saa… tobira o akete…”

“The place only for you is… Yes, before your unconscious.
Even while you’re wishing, it’s before that faraway place. Come on, open the door…”

自問自答 自問自答 本音は此処にある
喪うとしても 得たいものがある
傷む心臓が 真実指し示してる

nani o motometa no? doko e ikitai no?
jimonjitou jimonjitou kotae wa koko ni aru
ushinau to shitemo etai mono ga aru
itamu shinzou ga kotae sashime shiteru

What do you seek? Where do you want to go?
You keep questioning yourself, but the answer is right there
Even if you lose something, there are things you want to get
Your injured heart is pointing right to the answer you seek.


mizukara itami o motomeru nante baka mitai
keredo, ii no. sore de, ii no.
kishimu tobira, aketa…

Seeking for my own grief seems so stupid
But it’s okay. That will do.
I opened that creaking door…


– Special readings are inside next to each kanji, inside <these>.


Title: TRUTH
Album: 謎掛アリス (nazokake arisu) (Alice’s riddle)
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Arrangement: —
Release Event: C87
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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