Due various requests, I decided to translate this beautiful piece of music by ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY: 待宵姫
I seriously don’t know why I never decided to translate this, being one of my favourite songs.
Anyway, just by listening to it I figured out what it was about, but now that I’ve translated it, everything is perfectly clear.
I love the japanese-feeling all over the song, and I expecially love the part between 3:33 – 4:53 it gives me chills everytime.
There’s no need to say something else, just enjoy the translation and check the notes! You can listen to the song to the link below, it’s on my channel.



Itsumademo machimashou
mata natsu o okurimashou
itsu no hi ka na o yobareru sono hi made

I’ll wait forever
I’ll bid farewell to the summer, again
Until the day my name will be called again…

遠い遠い追憶の彼方 揺れる想い

tooi toii tsuioku no kanata yureru omoi
ima wa kao mo oborokena anata wa dare desu ka

Beyond that distant, distant recollection, a thought is trembling
“Who are you, who now has this pale face?”

水は流れ 玉響の涙も留まらない

nagai nagai seizou no hate ni nani ga aru no
mizu wa nagare tamayura no namida mo tomaranai

What is lying at the end of those long, long years?
The water is flowing, and the dew teardrops won’t stop too

どうして 寂しいのでしょう

doushite samishii no deshou
sono riyuu mo wakaranai keredo

I wonder why I’m so lonely
I can’t understand why, but…

いつまでも待ちましょう (あなたを)
また夏を送りましょう (まってる)
誰かも判らぬ 愛しい貴方のこと (きおくはかすんで)
生きる意味を与えて 温もりを教えてくれた (それでも、いまはただ)
それだけは 忘れずに憶えてます

itsumademo machimashou (anata o)
mata natsu o okurimashou (matteru)
dareka mo wakaranu itoshii anata no koto (kioku wa kasunde)
ikiru imi wo ataete nukumori o oshietekureta (soredemo, ima wa tada)
soredake wa wasurezu ni oboetemasu

I’ll wait forever (I’ll wait)
I’ll bid farewell to the summer, again (For you)
I don’t even know about someone, about you, my dear (The memory is hazy)
You gave me the meaning of life, and taught me what warmth is (But still, now I’m just…)
I can’t just forget all of this, I’ll remember it

浅沙の花を 文代わりに流そう

asaza no hana wo fumi kawari ni nagasou
tatoe darenimo totokanai to shittemo
sayasayato… seoto wa kawarazu…
subete wo nagashite iku…

I’ll exchange the flow of flowers of floating hearts with verses
Even though I know that they won’t reach anyone
Rustling all along… the sound of the stream won’t change…
Everything is flowing…

何故か不意に 心が痛んだ

natsu no yo o hotaru ga terasu
nazeka fuimi ni kokoro ga itanda

The fireflies illuminate this Summer night
And for some reason, unexpectedly, my heart ached

いつまでも待ちましょう (あなたを)
また夏を送りましょう (まってた)
悲しみの末に息絶えて (それすらわすれて)
今もまだ愛しさを抱えてる (うつろう)
幾つもの輪廻の中で (いまもまだ)
いつの日か 逢えると信じています

itsumademo machimashou (anata o)
mata natsu o okurimashou (matteta)
kanashimi no sue ni iki taete (soresura wasurete)
ima mo mada aishisa o kakaeteru
ikutsumo no rinne no naka de (ima mo mada)
itsu no hi ka aeru to shinjiteimasu

I’ll wait forever (I waited)
I’ll bid farewell to the summer, again (For you)
The breath stops once the suffering ends (Forget it anyway)
I’m still suffering for love
In an undefined number of circles of life (And yet still…)
But I’m still having faith that one day I’ll meet you.


– The title is formed by three kanjis: 待 (matsu, to wait) 宵 (yoi, evening) 姫 (hime, princess). It’s translation could be “Princess who waits the evening” or “Evening-waiting princess” or something like that. Anyway, it appears that it’s also the name from a flower, the Oenothera stricta. In other words, it could both mean “The princess who waits for the evening” or “The princess of Oenothera stricta”.
– 玉響 (tamayura) is the only word which was a problem translating. It appears that its chinese reading can be connected to dew drops which appears on the morning grass. I liked that.
– 浅沙(あさざ) – That’s a name of a flower too. Its english name is “Floating Heart”. It seem to belong to the nymphoides family, and it usually grows near small lakes.
– 綸絵 (rinne) Buddhist concept of eternal circle of life, death and reincarnation.


Title: 待宵姫 (Matsuyoi Hime) (The Princess Waiting for the Evening)
Album: 童妖奇譚
Vocals: Mitsuki Nakae
Lyrics: Mitsuki Nakae
Arrangement: 如月秋祐
Release Event: C84
Source: Original

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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