[Touhou] ジングルベル – Jingle Bells

Translator’s Notes

After almost a year without any new touhou subbed clips, here I am once again with a clip from the same author as the one I already subbed. I really like Komachi (though, I don’t particularly like when she’s portrayed with those ridiculously large breasts…) and I wanted to sub/upload this video for so long… But being a Christmas-themed clip, I never actually had the “courage” to upload it on youtube. Now it’s the perfect time to upload it, and so, here it is!
I was wondering why Komachi’s best buddies are people from SA, but I kinda like the atmosphere portrayed in this heart-warming clip. Tsundere Shikieiki is, as always, the best.
Before the notes, merry christmas to everyone reading this (if there’s even someone who is really reading all this pointless stuff!), and if it’s not christmas… Well, have a nice day!
Notes on some sentences/parts:
0:19 – There’s actually nothing to point out, except for the fact that I didn’t understand what she was saying and I was about to going crazy, until I finally realized that that “ja-” sound I kept hearing was a ジャスト (jasuto), a “just” as it is pronounced in japanese. Screw you, katakana!
0:39 – I’ve been deceived by an english word, once again. I kept hearing “you and I”, but it actually says ” ピュアな”, “pyua na”, having “pyua” meaning “pure” (another english word pronounced in japanese). In other words, the sentence “You and I, having a dream” is not correct. It should be “Having a pure dream”.
0:43 – “Sì!!” Well, I don’t think there’s a meaning behind this. She surely says something like セィー (sii), and it could both mean “See” in english or “Sì” (yes) in italian… Or it could simply be a scream out of joy! I left “Sì”, just because I’m italian. Rotfl.
0:44 – I forgot to note what’s written on Ran’s book. On Ran’s book: “The way of baking cookies – If you try, you can!”
1:01 – In case you don’t know, “paruparuparu” is the onomatopeia the fans gave to Parsee’s acts of jealousy.


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