Kill La Kill – Episode 12

I didn’t like this episode at all.
Okay, I said it.
It sucked, probably the worst by now.
Full of shonen clichés, disappointing, and threw the entire show’s plot in a pit from where it will be difficult to emerge again.
I couldn’t believe that Nui was the culprit, after all. Ryuuko’s father was pretty cool, though.
I also didn’t like the fact that Satsuki is still behind everything (as it is now).
Dunno, I just hope it will get back to the epic-awesome yet careless and hilarious Kill la Kill of the first episodes.
Anyway, this will probably be the beginning of the second half of Kill la Kill, which I hope will be better than this last episode (which though I didn’t liked a lot, was pretty epic indeed).
Now, some moments!

Kill La Kill #12 moments

Last week’s episode ended with Ryuuko’s anger towards the wielder of the other half of the scissor-blade. Ryuuko obviously attacks her without thinking twice. I mean, she told Ryuuko that she herself killed her father!


All of her attack seems pointless. Nui keeps on avoiding them all (and moves as if she was a 2d character. Well she kinda is, though…)


Aaaaand, once again FLASHBACK TIME! I love how Ryuuko’s father appearance was meant to be a gag on the first episodes, but then is confirmed to be as it was reminded by Ryuuko. Anyway, Ryuuko’s father’s coat is made of life fibers, which helps him regenerate even his own wounds. Nui came here to steal his ultimate work…


Yup, the scissors that are able to cut through life fibers. Of course, she’s not going to take them peacefully, and Ryuuko’s father is not going to hand them down to the enemy so easily.


Though I kinda liked Nui at the beginning, I’m now not so fond on her. You could say I dislike her.
…Okay, I hate that b*tch. Why is she so strong if she’s not even wearing a Goku’s Uniform or a Kamui? That’s what I don’t like about overpowered characters. Anyway, sliiiiiice.


Even if pierced by his own weapon, Ryuuko’s father deals his last blow against Nui, resulting in her losing her left eye. Well done, doctor!


Your tears are delicious.


His last blow, angered Nui even more. She deals her last blow too. The blow that left Ryuuko’s father cornered, back to the wall. The flashback ends here, following the story, that’s exactly before the moment Ryuuko enters the Matoi’s mansion.


Back to reality, be prepared for some clichés. First, Having heard this story from Nui, Ryuuko gets angrier and angrier, which results in having her blood heat up. The bond between Ryuuko and Senketsu becomes weaker, and Senketsu can’t hold anymore the amount of blood Ryuuko is giving to it. In other words, Ryuuko gets literally eaten by Senketsu’s power.


Cliché achievement #1 unlocked! – The main character can’t hold her own powers.
Cliché achievement #2 unlocked! – The main character becomes a monster on berserk.


Having Ryuuko in this state, everyone tries to stop her and Nui in order to having things return to “normality” (does normality exists in Kill la Kill’s world?)
Satsuki is ready to use her Junketsu again. The elite four are going to make the students of Honnouji’s Accademy leave the field as soon as they can…


Ryuuko’s teacher is trying to shoot her with a special bullet which can destroy her Senketsu, but has a chance of killing even its wearer…


…And the punk guy tries to stop the two monsters fighting each other with his own hands… without any good results. Well, at least he tried!


I didn’t like this part. I felt like it was more reasonable for Satsuki to stop Nui instead of Ryuuko, but she ignores her in order to fight against the monster. Dunno, I didn’t like that choice.


Cliché achievement #3 unlocked! – The hug that ceases the fight.
Mako’s in order to return the favour to Ryuuko (which saved her when her mind was clouded by the power of moneys), stops her with the hug of justice. And her usual motivational-speech.


Cliché achievement #4 unlocked! – The power of friendship solves everything!
Cliché achievement #5 unlocked! – Friendship changes back monsters into humans.
Also, b*tchslap combo.


Ok, so, Ryuuko returned normal and is still alive, Mako got a nice tan and Satsuki seems to know who she is. I guess… that’s all?


Oh, right. Nui is expelled from the school by Satsuki for causing such a fuss.


After some days, Ryuuko meets Satsuki again. Her election plan was a facade in order to achieve more power, and she also reveals Ryuuko that she was the one who ordered Nui to steal the scissors. In other words, she’s saying Ryuuko that she should fight against her, if Ryuuko wants to avenge her father, because it’s all her fault: Nui was just a mere pawn moved by Satsuki herself.


I still don’t believe that’s all. Satsuki is a very enigmatic character, and I’m positive something unexpected will happen, sooner or later.
Anyway, that was all from episode 12. Hoping it will get better, see you back next week!


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