Kill la Kill – Episode 11

Okay, first thing: New post already? Yes. I kinda need to justify my previous “post”.
Before talking about this last Kill la Kill episode, just something about the upcoming videos: the new Gaki no Tsukai clip I was talking for ages is almost done, and will probably (this time no jokes!) come out within sunday. After that, a new touhou pv is going to be subbed before Christmas, and I’m also working on another Gaki no Tsukai clip that I’m going to sub within 2013. So yeah, in other words, three new subbed clips will be uploaded within the month! I’m grateful for the feedback of my uploads. Really, I read every single comment and I’m happy to see that people is laughing watching things that I’ve translated and subtitled. Plus, I’m getting tons of views, likes and subs. As a subber, I’m really happy to see how my “work” is being repayed! Thanks!
Ok, now Kill La Kill.
Something unexpected happened, something that everyone was expecting didn’t happen. New characters, new abilities, new epicness and…


As the previous episode is portrayed on the television screen the Makanshoku family is watching, let’s see once again what happened in episode 10. After defeating the blue-haired d*ck, Ryuuko is currently fighting against the Orchestral loli, and also learned how to change shape of her Senketsu under her own will, allowing her to fly. The fight is taking place mid-air.


Amongst the crowd watching the match, we can get a clear close-up of this gothic-lolita chick, which we’ll later know who she is. Keep her on mind!


Back to Honnouji Accademy, while Mako is (ARGUABLY) enjoying her stay with her (VERY ARGUABLY) friendly (ARGUABLE) friends,


Ryuuko is proving the audience that she can easily become the main character of a future Touhou Project chapter by flying around and beating the crap out of the rockets the pink-haired loli is shooting at her.


Uh, yeah, about rockets, one of them is literally throw back by Ryuuko to the loli which fired it. Priceless reaction, as her face is covered by the shadow of the giant-recorder-rocket.


And that’s it, Ryuuko strikes her last attack, defeating the loli. The life fiber is not retrieved, by the way, and that’s because…


…”Encore! Encore!” One more last performance from the pink-haired chick, whose uniform changed into something smaller. She can now perform her last piece of music.


Beethoven, uh? Her sound waves seems to be way more powerful than before, so powerful Senketsu can’t connect to Ryuuko because he can’t hear her.


…But! Ryuuko focuses, generates a vortex with her blade and conceals the sound the pink-haired chick is making with her own beat in her mind. …Uh? Well, that’s… obvious! Isn’t it? And it’s also perfectly clear!


And there’s an exemplification on the laptop screen for the one who didn’t get it.
…Very, very, very clear.


What’s important is that Ryuuko now is able to deflect the sound waves and ignore them, in order to advance. I liked that frame. She uses the waves to weaken her opponent, and then, after charging a boost…


Strikes her killer move. Nice! I mean, I didn’t expect to see 3 out of 4 Elite Four lose without much problems. Way to go, Ryuuko! Only the one who once defeated you is left now!


Meanwhi- OH! Guess who’s back! Well if it isn’t the Punk guy! It’s been a while, uh? I like him. Anyway, he seems to have some business with Ryuuko’s teacher (remember, right? NUUUUUUUDIST BEAAAAAAAACH).


They both seem to be worried about how strong Ryuuko is getting, and they also seems to be interested in using a special bullet (which looks like it’s made of life fibers). Sadly, we don’t get to know nothing more in this episode. Oh well.


And here’s the match we all waited! Sanegayama makes his appearance on the stage. Transformation sequences. Ryuuko and Sanegayama are about to strike each other, when…




Satsuki appears to recognize her, and seems to be worried. I didn’t think Satsuki could even make worried faces as this one.


Unrelated note: The Makanshoku family has decided to reach Honnouji’s Accademy in order to watch Ryuuko’s battle (due the fact that the guy at the tv shop is not going to show anymore because they can’t pay anymore).


This b*tch (which actually is Satsuki’s mother) is plotting something, meanwhile. We don’t have many informations about this, but seems like Satsuki is not in a great relationship with her.


The gothic lolita (name: Nui. Easy to remember, hence I’m going to call her like that) wants to fight against Ryuuko, for some reasons. Sanegayama is obviously against her getting between him and Ryuuko during their fight, but he receives a punch as answer to his gripes…


…And inserts a finger on Sanegayama’s uniform, pulls a string out of it and…


…Sanegayama stripped. I didn’t expect this. “Banshi” is the name of the string made out of life fiber that allows the uniform to gain its will to became a battle uniform. In other words, is the most important life fiber inside a Goku’s uniform. Pulling it out means destroying the Goku’s uniform itself. It’s not something a newbie can do that easily. She sure is someone.


Having defeated Sanegayama, she gains the permission to fight against Ryuuko by Satsuki. Ryuuko is confused: Who is she? Why should she fight against a little girl who is not even wearing an uniform? This time, Nui gives Ryuuko a reason to fight her…


…And that’s the reason. The other half of the scissor-blade.


Ryuuko is astonished. She knows what this means, but asks her anyway.


With a sinister smirk on her face, she confirms it: She’s the killer of Ryuuko’s father.
…(Though, for some reason, I don’t believe that’s the truth anyway..!)


Truth or not, that’s enough to get Ryuuko absurdly angry, so angry her blood starts to heat so fast it destroys her Senketsu-activation-device. We’ll get to see some serious battle scenes on the next episode for sure!


See you next post!

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