Kill La Kill – Episode 10…?

Ok, it’s late. It’s almost Tuesday and I haven’t released this post yet.
…BUT! It’s not my fault.
I got hella sick during the weekend, and I wasn’t able to write anything without realizing what the heck was I actually doing.
I’m already recovering, though I don’t feel so well anyway.
Obviously, I wasn’t able to put effort and time on the new post, and I think it’s too late right now to start a full post, considering that a new episode will come out in 3 days.
And, one more thing, I didn’t like this episode so much. Let’s check why (Without pics: it takes me time and I’m not in the best shape to focus on copy-pasting stuff).

Episode plot by far:

I thought the blue-haired hacker would be the main villain of the episode. I was wrong. The episode starts with a flashback from when he tried to hack Satsuki’s system, and after being caught by her subordinates, he was spared and accepted by an amazed Satsuki, impressed by his skills. So, after the starts fight, he doesn’t do anything good, and he’s about to being defeated until he surrenders about after 10 minutes of episode. That was disappointing. Looks like he gave up in order not to lose the data he has kept inside his uniform. Nice. So, here comes the pink haired chick, the next challenger. WAY TOO SOON. Another flashback. She was a good friend with Satsuki. Her uniform is f*cking huge and can fly. Ryuuko flies too, defying the laws of gravity and confirming the unreasonable laws of animes. Than, the episode ends, with Ryuuko not showing a trace of fatigue.
pros: It was fun, Gamagoori was hilarious, Ryuuko showed some amazing techniques.
cons: too short, way too fast.

Next week I’m going to post a regular one, I promise!

I’ll post a gif of the best moment of the episode in my opinion:

The blue haired guy clicking the buttons on his ass around while saying stuff like “I’ve analyzed every single movement you can possibly perform!” while Ryuuko, mocking hime, says something like “I know that guys like you who says that they knew every imminent movement of their opponent are nothing but talkers!”
Well, congratulations, Ryuuko.
You destroyed years and years of shonen anime with just one sentence. [slowly claps]

See you Friday~Saturday with a proper Kill la Kill post!

Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

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