Kill La Kill – Episode 9 – Part 1/2

Damn, It doesn’t matter how many times I’m going to write this, I’m always going to remind every reader of every post the same thing: Just watch Kill la Kill, it gets better and better as each episode is released. Though this episode’s overall storyline was kinda obvious and expected, I liked it a lot. We get to see lots of amazing battle scenes, as well as some more flashbacks about the main characters and, obviously, some comedy moments (which is the thing that makes the anime greater than others that seems to be like it).
This episode also raised my love for Gamagoori. I mean, he’s a total badass and I liked his thoughts and actions a lot. Even in the final scene, I loved his reaction. I hope we’ll get to see more of him, even th
On a side note, I’m sorry for everyone waiting for it, the new Gaki no Tsukai clip is currently being translated, but I’m working very slowly… You know, study, university, human relationships… some duties and burdens that I need to get over with. It will be subbed eventually, so fear not! Just keep waiting a little more… Forgive me!
And now, kill la kill #9 (part 1) moments!


The episode begins as the previous one ended: Gamagoori and Ryuuko on the stage. We also get to know that Ryuuko is going to fight one after another, and that the order is decided by the number of students that they have defeated during the last few days. Gamagoori is the first, having defeated the fewest number (because he only attacked for self-defense). Next are: Glasses guy, Pink chick and finally our blind Sanegayama.


…But the fight against Gamagoori is not going to start until it will be 13:00, the time set for the match. How could she accept this decision? That’s only 8 A.M.!


…Neverming, f*ck it. Looks like Ryuuko has some free time to spend. (can’t argue against prefect Gamagoori when it comes to rules)


The battle of Ryuuko against the elite four (lol, kinda reminds me of pokémon-) is going to be broadcasted to everyone in the city. That’s why, meanwhile, in Makanshoku’s house begins the journey to find a working television.


While Ryuuko is having lunch with her friend Mako, she’s interrupted by her teacher, who immobilizes Mako and forces Ryuuko to retreat, by telling her that fighting against the elite four one after another is the worst decision she could possibly make.


“GTFO I’m having lunch with my best friend. Let her go and get the f*ck away” – Gently replied Ryuuko. She’s a hothead, isn’t she? That’s what I like about her.


13 o’clock. Time to start the battle between Ryuuko and Honnouji’s Academy’s Unbreakable Shield: Gamagoori Ira.


Welp, that’s it. I’m out of this review.
…Okay, leaving the jokes aside, what the hell is this armor? It surely was something.
Yup, something.
Something regrettable.


[Intense Stare]


[Most badass stare ever]
…In other words, no one is doing anything. That’s because Gamagoori’s armor is released once he gets hit by someone, and Ryuuko, knowing this, is not going to hit him.


Ok, that was clever of you, Mr. Masochist Gamagoori.


By doing so, Gamagoori gains enough fire power to store energy…


…And release the true form of his Goku’s Uniform: Scourge Regalia.
Is Ryuuko going to be in deep sh*t?


Part 2 coming out tomorrow!

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