Kill la Kill – Episode 8

Once again, a delayed post on sunday, which means that this won’t be cut in two halves.
This week’s episode was filled with flashback and action, I liked it a lot.
I’m no more bound on the opinion that Kill la Kill is like Panty & Stocking, because it is more serious and way more epic, but I like them both anyway.
Of course, Kill la Kill’s stupid moments are far greater than most animes, and that helps me appreciate it.
As I’ve probably said before, what I don’t like about Kill la Kill is the excessive fanservice.
Ryuuko is so badass and masculine that fanservice on her is kinda wrong and hard to accept, in my opinion.
Well, not that I can complain about it, it’s from the same creators of Gurren Lagan.
Lastly, seems like after this episode we’ll get to see the action we waited for, aka Ryuuko vs Elite Four. Can’t wait until next episode-
Let’s cut the chit-chat and see the review and best moments of episode 8!
(For everyone wondering about it, probably next Gaki no Tsukai video will be out before next Kill la Kill post. I hope so!)


I’ve kinda forgot to mention that last episode (episode 7) ended with Satsuki’s decision to set the rules of Honnouji’s accademy anew, and so it begins: the struggle for the power where every student attempt to destroy each other in order to gain a higher uniform, a higher status, a better life.


Obviously, Satsuki is protected by a virtual shield. I’m sorry Ryuuko, but she seems to be the last boss, you can’t just fight against her in the eight episode out of 25!


And so, while every student is fighting with all their might in order to raise…


…The Makanshoku family enjoys their days of slumber. Being a 0 star family, they have nothing to gain and nothing to lose, and so Mako doesn’t need to fight at school.
(So, they eventually learned the lesson from the previous episode, uh…)


Meanwhile, Ryuuko takes a ride on the scooter lent by Mato’s father (since when he had a scooter?)
—Anyway, Mako hops in for no reason. Can’t complain, and Ryuuko seems to be fine with having Mako with her. Senketsu, however, is being strangled by Mako’s arms as she holds Ryuuko’s waist.


Ryuuko’s destination was the Matoi’s residence, in other words her former house. She’s here to find out something new about her father’s death, but…


…SUDDENLY FLASHBACK! We get to see Ryuuko’s age progression, threatened by other people, distant from her father and without a mother, she grew up becoming a total badass bully. I love how she looks in this pic.


Funny thing is that the exact same day her father contacted her saying that he wanted to talk with her daughter, Ryuuko finds his father stabbed with the scissor blade inside his devasted house. Oh, by the way, you look nice, gramps.


Why this happened? Who’s the culprit?
But most important thing…
Why is her father talking about philosophical sh*t instead of telling her who’s the culprit? Oh God.
Anyway, Ryuuko gets a glimpse of the culprit, and decides to follow him/her/it/wat.


We get a glimpse of the culprit’s shadow too. Silky black hair that waves in the wind. We could obviously assume that she was Satsuki, but it’s really her? I think they’re just trying to confuse us. It would be way too expected by everyone.


Without knowing what he wanted to say to Ryuuko, nor who killed him and the reason behind this, the Matoi’s mansion is set to fire. R.I.P., Gramps. [/flashback]


After having activated Senketsu, Ryuuko destroys the floor in order to find some more informations beneath the mansion, but nothing was found. I love Ryuuko’s eyes in this frame.


The scooter stops midway on their way back. As expected from good ol’ Makanshoku’s family! But…


…Gamagoori appears! In a fashionable pink car, too! He offers Ryuuko and Mako a ride, promising he won’t attack them.
…Obviously, because he’s going to fight against her in the school’s field the last day of the hellish natural selection.


As soon as they hop in, Gamagoori, being a three-star-uniform user, becomes targeted by lesser school clubs, the soft gun clubs and the car club (which now are allied).
…And, those guys are ugly as f*ck.


You ruined Gamagoori’s fashinable car. You’re gonna f*cking pay for this.


We get to see how Gamagoori met Satsuki.
While he tried to save a bullied kid, he failed to preserve the order and rules of the school in which he was a committee member.


But Satsuki came, save the bullied kid, kicked the bullies’ asses and made Gamagoori a sex slave (??)


And that’s Gamagoori’s masochist’s uniform! Basically, he gains more fire power the more hits he gets. A complete Masochist.


And after beating the living cr*p out of everyone, everything goes back to normal. Gamagoori rides Ryuuko to a gas station and promises her that they’ll fight soon.


The day has finally come, and as Satsuki watches everyone from atop the school building, everyone gets ready to brawl.


After the battle begins, 5 pillars emerge from the eart: whoever gets on the top of them will be prized by entering Satsuki’s Elite. Epic frame. Epic musics starts: Ryuuko is aiming to get on the top of one of those things.


Secret Brawling Skill: GTFO-Style scissor swinging.


Unreasonable Rush Art: Fuck Gravity.


…And lastly, by using her amazing physics-defying skills, Ryuuko gets on the top of one pillar. Of course, the other four pillars are occupied by…


…The elite four. So, now that everything is settled, a stage appears in the middle of the pillars, and Ryuuko lands on it.


And Gamagoori joins her, opening a challenge against her.


With this epic frame, the episode ends. Next week we’ll surely see how they are goin- OH WAIT, DAT ASS!


See you next episode!

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