Kill la Kill – Episode 7 – Part 1/2

Once again, the new post is coming out way too late. I apologize, that’s not my fault: sh*t happens.
Anyway, we’re back with another great episode of Kill la Kill.
This episode gets back on the track of “Kill la kill is a demential anime” way of thinking.
I seriously don’t know how to approach this anime anymore: it starts as a demential anime, then it suddenly gets shounen, then retarded again, then shounen again, then it gets stupid one more time… That’s so confusing.
Episode 7 is somewhat similar to those american cartoons with the typical moral ending.
I found the whole episode kinda hilarious, and the message (if we can call it this way) hidden inside of it, was, imho, kinda pointless and cliché.
“One is happy not when he has money, but when he has happines itself!11<1! something money can't buy!11"
I'm sorry, moral, but after Kaiji I don't believe anymore in this thing not even a little.
Anyway, I originally intended not to cut in half this post, but there are so many things in this episode that if I don't cut it, it will become one of the longest thing ever since the bible.
Ok, everything is set: Let's begin with the first half's moments!

Kill La Kill #7-1 moments

The episode starts with a nice scene: everyone happily together, enjoying their dinner (which could poison them all). How lovely!


Having dinner together with Mako’s family, for Ryuuko is like having a family herself. Being an orphan, she never had one except for her father (which later passed out), and so she’s so happy with her current situation. Even having a bath would be nice for her…


…If the men of Makanshoku’s family stop peeping.


And another day at Honnouji’s Academy begins! And as soon as it starts, new clubs are after Ryuuko. This guy is from the knife throwing club. Pretty specific, uh?


Looks like he didn’t last long enough to have a minimal battle scene, though. Oh well…


And here’s the next challenger! The leader of the… uh… bondage… club? I have no idea, but probably his ability are strong enough to have Ryuuko struggle a lit-


…Never mind. But I’m positive next one will be a fierce enemy!


And there she is! Leader of the Tightrope Walking club! I’m sure she w-


Seriously?! Isn’t the episode progressing a little bit too fast?!


Anyway, looks like having a strong club raises your rank in Honnouji Academy. Having your rank raised, means a better place to live, more money and overall an easier life (and that’s why there were those specific clubs which splitted from the original circus club). Having heard this, Ryuuko decided to make her own “Fight Club”, in order to have Mako’s family’s living conditions improved.


…But being a club leader is a burden. That’s exactly what Mako is here for!


And so the club slaughter continues…


..And the fight club manages to gain more and more power…


…which finally allows the Makanshoku family to live in a normal house!


Just look how happy they look eating a 100% pure meat croquette instead of the typical mystery croquette!




But having a normal house doesn’t mean that the fight club activity are over. In fact, they continue fighting against the other clubs…


…Until they become very, very, very rich.
But is richness the same thing as happiness?


Part 2 coming out tomorrow!

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