Kill la Kill – Episode 6

-This episode’s post won’t be cut in two half because of its release delay!-
First of all: Good news.
Apparently, Kill la Kill is going to be a 25 episodes long anime, in other words it will end in spring 2014. That’s absolutely great.
I also intend to keep this anime-moments thing just for an anime per season, so probably from now until spring, there will be only kill la kill in here (even though I’m rather intrigued by an upcoming winter 2014 anime…)
Anyway, let’s talk about this episode a little.
It got the vibe of the first episodes, but there are several differences.
The plot is getting more and more outlined as the the episode’s count progresses, and the randomness is slowly decreasing, leaving less gags in each episodes and more action / shonen stuff.
I think there won’t be any new episode as random and panty-and-stocking-styled as episode 3.
Well, I’m fine with it anyway: both the random and the shonen parts are great, imho.
That’s enough of an intro to me, let’s check the first half’s moments.


Ryuuko wakes up inside the house of her sexual harasser teacher, and she realize that he’s allied with the punk badass from the previous episodes. She asks for reasons: weren’t they against Lady Satsuki? Why are they targeting Ryuuko now?


The reason is NUUUUUUDIIIIIST BEAAAAAAAAAACH. Ryuuko thinks that’s bullshit. Can’t complain. Opening follows next.


Experiments on life fibers go on. I seriously want the coat this guy is wearing.


Meanwhile, Sanegayama, one of the elite four of Satsuki’s party, asks Lady Satsuki to let him fight against Ryuuko. He also tried to sneak behind Satsuki but he’s noticed by her before showing up.


Flashback time! Back then when Satsuki was an aggressive loli, young Sanegayama challenged her and her gang in a fierce duel! Sanegayama’s army agains Satsuki’s party, which was…


…composed by: Loli Satsuki, The guy which destroyed the school in the first minute of the first episode which somewhat looks older than now, The guy with the amazing moving coat and the loli pink-haired musician with a monkey r@pin’ her leg.


Just moving her eyes, the army of Sanegayama is defeated. Mary Sue anyone? However. Sanegayama managed at least to get close to her before being defeated, and Satsuki liked his attitude, and asks him to join her party. [/flashback]


Meanwhile, an A Class b*tch makes a phone call to Satsuki. That’s probably her mother, but I have no idea whatsoever.


The next day, Ryuuko founds a bulletin board on the school’s gate, in which there’s written a challenge message. She has to face off Sanegayama at the dojo.


Not thinking about it one more time, Ryuuko goes to the dojo. It seems that Goku’s uniforms can transform too, and we get to see the transformation of Sanegayama’s uniform. TRANSFORMERS!


He’s strong, fast and skilled enough to make Ryuuko unable to hit him. But Ryuuko finds out the source of he’s strenght.


…His eyes. He only relies on his eyes to strike his attacks. Noticing that, Ryuuko slices off a piece of her Senketsu, which blinded Sanegayama…


…Aaaand he’s defeated. I kinda missed this scene.


…But! He doesn’t give up yet! Meanwhile, Mako is analyzing his shrimp. And she seems disappointed.


Treated as a disgraceful member on the elite four party, he’s blocked by the others, and he’s not able to ask Ryuuko a second match. He dare to ask directly to Lady Satsuki, now. Looks like he did something regrettable doing so, but it also seems he had some reasons to do this.


It seems his request was accepted by Lady Satsuki. Giving another chance to one who was beaten? Lady Satsuki and Sanegayama must have had a good reason for this…


Without wasting further time, Ryuuko uses the same technique she used in the previous battle, blinding him. But something went wrong, and Sanegayama attacks Ryuuko anyway.


That Sanegayama guy shut his eyes. In order not to rely only on what he sees. WHAT.


And it seems he asked the guy with the blonde ponytail from the lab to do so. Good for you, Sanegayama!


Ryuuko is being beaten up everywhere, and she relies on her last chance: an ambush. She connects her blade with a wire, and without moving throws it towards her enemy.


Completely uneffective. Sanegayama’s other senses became so sharp he can now see “the entire universe”. Wow, that’s so shounen-like. What happened to my wtf-moments?


A violent strike to her head and Ryuuko is impaled to the ground. Tom & Jerry did this several years ago.


Luckily for Ryuuko, Sanegayama’s Goku’s Uniforms overheats, and its power wore off. In the meanwhile, she safely gets the f*ck away.


Ahh, dear Ryuuko. You now know what it’s like to be the protagonist of a shounen anime…


Sanegayama and Satsuki meets again, this time Satsuki didn’t even notice him, which was right in front of her.


After refusing the tea Satsuki promised him, he leaves Satsuki’s room like a boss. Damn, he’s badass too. This anime is full of badasses.


I liked the whole episode, but I needed a little more randomness and nonsense. Oh well, not a big deal.
See you next week!

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