Kill La Kill – Episode 5 – Part 2/2

We left when the battle between Ryuuko and the cool-punk-guy-shooting-needles-whose-name-i-can’t-remember-at-all began.
I forgot to write an important thing about the first half, or probably I didn’t talk about that so much.
Mako’s family often watches Ryuuko talking to Senketsu, but due the fact only Ryuuko can hear Senketsu’s voice, they all think her uniform is just an imaginary friend of her.
I was somewhat also moved when Mako said that there was no problem with that, because before she met Ryuuko the only friends she had were all imaginary friends.
Mako was somewhat pitiful and adorable, so this line really got me, dunno why.
Anyway, keep this on mind, because it will be important for what is going to happen next.
So, we can summarize the second half of episode 5 with a few keywords: battles, explosions, explosions, fighting scenes, epicness, explosions, Sengoku Basara, esplosions, explosions, needlestorms, Yakumo Yukari.
Well, I’ve said enough: let’s see the best moments from Kill la Kill Episode 5 (part 2)!


Just when the battle gets started, some new enemies appear on the stage, tossing their weapons towards Ryuuko and the other guy. They are…


…I actually don’t know? The old-farts club? Or probably the “Toss everything you got in da face” club. Don’t know and can’t remember. Anyway, they throw stuff. Pointy stuff. Next there’s…


…The poetry club, which throws shurikens poems, which pierce every-f*cking-thing. Just in case you think you’ve seen anything by watching Chihayafuru…
And finally…


…The garden club, with its handsome (?) leader which I don’t actually know if he’s the same as before or a clone or his brother or what. Whatever. Long story short, a battle between 2 becomes a battle royale in less than a minute. Nice.


…Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The pink-haired chick joins the battle too, leading her army of musicians. sh*t got serious.


However, no club can do sh*t against our punk, which is destroying the school a little bit too much.


…Aaaand yup, the needles’ effect took its time, but it finally strikes Ryuuko which is now unable to move. Guess Ryuuko lost, this time.


Meanwhile, our punk tells us a story of a woman which was consumed by an uniform, and tells us that a bond between a human and an uniform is impossible. I don’t know if the girl in his flashback was Satsuki or someone else, I think we’ll find it out as the story goes on.


MOTIVATIONAL MAKO STRIKES AGAIN! Yup, she tells the punk that Senketsu is Ryuuko’s friend, and they both trust each other. It doesn’t matter if Ryuuko is crazy and talks to her uniform, friendship can overcome a simple matter as the relationship between animated and non-animated stuff! (…I guess.)


Then, Mako took Senketsu, hands it to Ryuuko and gets the f*ck out. Thank you again, Mako!


Just when the punk is about to strip Ryuuko once again, he’s stopped by…


…Senketsu’s voice. He can feel the bond of trust between Ryuuko and her Kamui, both calling each other out. He’s astonished. Can’t blame him.


The Orchestra-whatever club joins the toilet. I seriously don’t know anymore who’s allied with who.


One last smoke grenade and the punk gtfos with Ryuuko from the window, leaving the pink haired chick and her sex slaves fellows alone in the school building.


Summary of this scene:
Senketsu: “we’re safe, he brought us there and I’m just a shirt to you.”
Ryuuko: “Nope, you’re my friend.”
Senketsu: “K lol let’s train hard”
Pretty cliché but it’s ok.


One last glance to this week’s hero, which now trusts Ryuuko and Senketsu, but is ready anytime to take back his words of trust if Ryuuko will become consumed by her Kamui’s life fiber. Damn, he’s cool.


Pretty damn cool episode, see you next week!
Also, as I wrote yesterday, a new short subbed Gaki no Tsukai clip is coming out soon, stay tuned!

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