Kill la Kill – Episode 4 – Part 1/2

This episode was awesome. It got back to its demential atmosphere, without erasing completely the epicness.
That’s exactly what I wanted from Kill la Kill: Randomness, action and entertainment.
I just want to say right now that Kill la Kill is the best anime of 2013, but I don’t know how it will go on, So, for now I’d say it’s only a good nominee for this award.
Watching episode 4 was, once again, like watching Panty&Stocking, or Dead Leaves.
I mean, damn. Same gags, same atmosphere and overall similar art.
If anyone, like me, wants to see randomness instead of a solid plot in an anime like this one, than you’ll love this episode.
It’s as if the third episode was something completely detached from the series.
Anyway, let’s check this part 1 best moments from episode 4!


Apparently something big is going to happen. We can understand it by Mako’s rush, which allows her create copies of her.


Ryuuko can’t even wear Senketsu, today, because of the laundry done by Mako’s mom. Senketsu being slapped is worth the entire episode.


According to Senketsu, no one except for Ryuuko can hear it. In other words, to everyone else, Senketsu is nothing more than a simple uniform. That’s probably why we didn’t get to hear the Junketsu talk, in episode 3 (?)


Senketsu hitting the climax is one of the best thing of this episode. Even better than Senketsu being slapped.


So, Mako tells Ryuuko that they’re about to face the “no-late day”, a day in which every no-star student must overcome several traps set by Honnouji Accademy’s members in order to reach the school. Everyone who fails to reach the school within 8:30, is expelled. Obviously, no one wants to be expelled.


Gamagoori faces off Mako, who is defending Ryuuko for wearing a pajamas while attempting to entering school. “Everyone wears one as they wake up!”
Well, can’t complain it. Probably I’m going to university in pajamas next week.


A panoramic of some death traps set by Honnouji Academy… What the hell are those luna-parks rotating tea cups for?


A girl with an injured arm asks Ryuuko and Mato for help. Looks like they found a new ally!


Meanwhile, Mako’s dad, brother and her dog Guts are attempting to reach Ryuuko by car to deliver her Senketsu she requested. Unfortunately, distracted by her butt, they end up crashing their car.


Mako’s dad leaves the task to his son, who takes the bike in order to reach Ryuuko. Those two gags are repeated more than one time, and cracked me up every single time.


Gags over gags while we see Ryuuko and the others proceed.


Here we go again, Ryuuko’s panties kills (?) Mako’s brother.


Another touching (?) death (?) scene ;_;


The fate of the Senketsu’s delivery is now on the shoulder of our last hero, Guts.


The trio manage to steal a van, having the girl with the glasses (Maiko) drive it. License? Who cares?


Too bad they’re seen by a spy from Honnouji Academy, and thus…


…World War Three started. (?)


See you tomorrow for next half!

Author: Shion

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