Cocorico Tanaka’s Shichi-Henge

Translator’s Notes

Here we are again, with another old great Gaki no Tsukai clip! As many of you may already know, the “schichi-henge” serie (literally: “Seven Transformations”) consists by performing seven characters, attempting to make everyone laugh. More people laugh, more money the person in charge will earn. Apparently, the money were donated to some kind of charity association, I’m pretty sure is named Kobato (小鳩) or something, but since I wasn’t sure how to translate the full name (and if it even actually exists), I prefered to leave it unnamed. I think it was the best choice-
I seriously didn’t expect Tanaka to reach the top. I always saw Tanaka as the serious-type, but it seems that when it comes to act like a comedian he can do his job greatly.
There are some parts in the video were everyone is muttering constantly, and I really can’t understand due the low audio quality. However, most of them are things like “Sou desu ka?” or “Sou desu yo ne…” …In english, they’re nothing but backchannels, meaning sentence said for expressing approval / interest in the conversation.
Also, some sentences were arranged a little bit, but their meaning was not modified that much. I’m sorry, but sometimes the audio is so bad not all the words can be understood!
I’m also sorry for (possible) mistakes/mispells, if there are any.
I hope you enjoyed this clip, and stay tuned: New Gaki no Tsukai clips are coming soon, as well as some other subbed clips from Japan that you might-or-might-not enjoy :’D


Author: Shion

Who the hell is shion no tsukai?

3 thoughts on “Cocorico Tanaka’s Shichi-Henge”

  1. Hi sorry to bother you
    but this shichi henge was taken down from youtube recently, i really love this and wish to download it.
    wondering it there are any links? i’m definitely not distributing it or reposting it anywhere, i just rewatch from time to time.
    Thanks (Hopefully you see this)

    1. Hey! No problem, that’s not a bother at all.
      I took down all my Gaki videos from youtube because I had 2 strikes, a third one and everything will be lost.
      I think there’s just the Haruna Ai left on my channel.
      Anyways, I still have every Gaki No Tsukai video I’ve subbed / translated on my computer, and I plan to upload them all somewhere else (dailymotion, maybe?) in the near future.
      Right now I don’t have time to do so, it’ll be probably be done on late Spring / Early Summer.
      I suggest you to keep an eye on this blog or my twitter account so you’ll know when everything will be online again pronto.
      I plan on do it, so don’t worry! It’s just a matter of time.
      Thanks for your support!

      1. Okay I will be staying up to date with your blog. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 Thank you for all the translation work you’ve done!

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