Kill la Kill – Episode 2 – Part 2/2

I think one of the most enjoyable element in an anime is the mixture. With it, I mean that an anime is really enjoyable when inside it has some serious plot/story/moments but overall a funny/crazy/random atmosphere. There are several animes which try to do this, but it’s not something so simple that everyone can do it nicely.
Kill la Kill is surely one of those animes.
When it comes to badass moments, it has badass moments, same thing for its epicness, fight scenes, serious moments… everything steadily decorated by its random and hilarious style. I’d say this will be part of my top 5 best animes if it keeps its way.
Anyway, here’s part two of Kill La Kill episode 2 recap/Best moments!

Kill La Kill #2-2 Moments

Ryuuko is rescued by the teacher, she’s (obviously) naked and he’s going to explain her a little something about her Senketsu. Gotta love her :I face.


How to awake Senketsu? Just spill some of your blood on it. Remember episode 1? Ryuuko was injured when she wore it.


The teacher’s explaination continues, as he performs some random manservice poses. I can’t help but seeing Panty & Stocking everywhere, I’m sorry if I quote it everytime.


He suddenly returns geeky. Anyway, he gives Ryuuko that glove, which can help her to feed Senketsu easily.


Ryuuko is ready to face her opponent, the tennis club Leader. Epic frame.


Senketsu’s activation was weird, sudden and somewhat epic.


Because they’re on a tennis field, Ryuuko must face her opponent in a tennis match. She then accepts those conditions, persuaded by Mato.


Though her Senketsu is working fine, her racket is too weak compared to her opponent’s. She’s almost losing the match.


Using her half-scissor-blade as a racket. Pure genious. Now, sh*t got serious.




…I’m not even sure that’s tennis anymore.


Tennis-chick’s Goku’s Uniform: destroyed. I think we’ll seen frames like that in every episode. Fine to me-


Ryuuko won and everything (LOL @the audience), but…


Surprising, Lady Satsuki makes her move against Ryuuko, claiming that her sword could destroy even her Senketsu. Ryuuko is almost at her limit, so winning for now it’s impossible. Having almost 50 seconds to win against her opponent…


…She decided to flee the battle. Satsuki allowed her to do so, once more.


And with this frame, the second episode ends. I surely didn’t expect Satsuki to enter the battle right now, though. Looks like Satsuki and Ryuuko are going to have a good time with weapons in the future. For now, I’d say that it’s not time yet, considering the other guys Ryuuko has to beat. Yeah, kinda like a videogame, you can’t simply face off the final boss in the first chapters, you can just take a glance of it, or have a simple taste of its power.


See you next week!


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