Kill La Kill – Episode 2 – Part 1

And another episode of Kill la Kill is out.
Hopefully, it wasn’t disappointing at all. If it will keep with this pace, I’m positive it will become one of my favourite anime of all time.
I mean, damn. Is way too epic and funny.
As always, the P&S atmosphere is overwhelming, and I totally do approve it.
As a side-note, Another Gaki no tsukai subbed clip should come out in almost three days! After that, I’m planning on the release of other GnT clips as well as a 10-episode japanese short serie…
Wandering what it would be? Then, be sure to keep an eye to my youtube channel


Where did we left? Oh, right. Ryuuko was pointing Satsuki with her half-scissor-blade. Epic stares come next. After that, Ryuuko’s strenght begin to fade away. Her uniform power comes from her blood, so she can’t use the power for a long timespawn, or else she will perish… or so I do believe.


Ryuuko escapes, Satsuki lets her run away by purpose. She faints right after riding the railway. A group of kids provide us a hilarious “you’r gonna get r*ped” moment.


When she regains consciousness, she’s under a fat man, panting over her. A punch right on his face solved the problem, apparently.


After that, we get to know that the man was Mato’s father (dripping a sea of blood). Mato’s family members appear one after another. It was Mato’s brother that rescued Ryuuko. I kinda like that kiddo.


It seems that Goku’s Uniforms’ power has also a meaning beyond the school level. The more star, the more economical power. The entire city is under Satsuki’s control. Mato’s family is very poor, and their meals are not that good-looking. They also run a hospital, though as Mato said “The number of the people who survived by entering there is less than the number of the people who died there.” Well, not the nicest line, uh?


Meet Guts, Chuck from P&S counterpart in Kill la Kill. God, I love this show.


Meanwhile, the tennis club leader receives a special Goku’s Uniform for the upcoming tennis tournament directly from Satsuki herself. Yyyup, she’s going to be this episode’s boss.


…Enjoy those P&S-styled humping dogs.


When Ryuuko wakes up in Mako’s place, there’s a flashback in which we get to know how she gained the powers from her uniform. The uniform is feed by her blood, and was created by a funny-looking guy, with a overly-hilarious description. Ironically, that guy seems to be Ryuuko’s father himself.


A Uniforms which is feed by blood? Fresh (鮮) Blood (血) looks like a nice name to Ryuuko… and to me too! Senketsu, that’s the name of Ryuuko’s uniform.


Apparently, skipping a tennis lesson is punished by a full-speed tennis ball bullet hell. Mato is hella tough, considering that Leon Kuwata from Danganronpa died for much less…


Mato was saved by Ryuuko… once again. Though it seems that she can’t activate Senketsu’s powers. A wall of tennis balls approaches her, launching her outside the school’s gates, in a water stream.


Ryuuko is found once again by the mysterious teacher, the one who opened the trapdoor under her feet in the first episode… Just what is his role in the anime?


Part 2 coming out tomorrow..!


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