[Touhou] 小町機能 – Komachi’s Duty

Translator’s Notes

Komachi is my favourite Touhou character by far, and when I discovered this video I always wondered why there wasn’t any translate of it (at least I never found any of it).
And so, considering that I’m studying japanese I decided to give it a try, and I’m quite satisfied about the results. It was indeed a funny song, after all.
And God only knows how hard it was to sub this, because of my retarded computer.
Just a few notes about some sentences:
0:10 “In a pure white way!”, it actually means “in a sincere way”, but its literal meaning is (more or less) what I wrote. I found it funny and unusual, so I kept it like this.
0:24 “Eh! Shiki-sama, you came here by night to rape me?”, actually it says “Eh, Shiki-sama Yobai?!”, in which yobai means an ancient practice in Japan, in which a man sneaks by night in the house of her lover to… Well, just google it and read it!
1:03 Literally, “Atai wa I love you” means “I am I love you”, or to be less specific, “I I love you”, because Atai means “me” in japanese, and wa is the particle which defines the subject. It’s a repetition. The same way, “Boss wa take kill me” is similar, except due the fact that it doesn’t have a sense to begin with. ENGRISH LOGIC! And so… I translated it as “I am like I LOVE YOU” because I find it funny, and similar to what I thought Komachi would say.
1:20 “Please, don’t judge me!”, Actually the literally translation of this would be something like “Don’t give me any black nor white!” Which is a typical way to refer to a judgement in japanese, especially the Yama one.


Author: Shion

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